Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let The Choir Sing!

Bush and No Doubt at the Assembly Hall.
Alanis Morrissette at the Tweeter Center.
Tim McGraw at the Assembly Hall.
They Might Be Giants and Hootie & the Blowfish at the Assembly Hall.

This, to date, is a list of concerts that I have attended in my life. It's pretty paltry (and, admittedly, a little embarrassing) to say the least.

But, oh, is that all about to change.

*cue angels singing, lights of Heaven softly illuminating the room*

Eight hours after receiving confirmation that I will be attending what will no doubt be the musical event of my life, I still am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this just happened. What started out as an innocent text during the Super Bowl half-time show to Tru Stories has turned into dreams becoming reality less than 48 hours later. I didn't even have "see Madonna in concert" on my bucket list. That dream was too big for me to even conceptualize. But here I am, eight months out from seeing it come to life. Tru Stories as The Dream Maker, to be sure.

I shared this news with no less than ten co-workers today. The first time I said the words out loud I had honest to God goosebumps run down my arms. Most of them looked at me in a mixture of disbelief and awe. One of them screamed out loud when I told her where we'd be sitting. Yes, it really is that big of a deal to those of us who love her.

Madonna is my Beatles. Her cassette was the first one I owned that was solely mine. I've grown up loving her - only occasionally questioning some of her more eccentric behavior yet embracing her throughout nonetheless - and will likely die a thousand tiny deaths sitting in the 13th row at the United Center on September 19th. I told The General tonight that I can only hope there are other mildly psychotic 30 year old women near us so that I don't look completely out of my mind as I jump, dance, sing, and scream with pure, unadulterated joy.

What a way to kick off Harvest Days weekend!


The Page Turner said...

Will Tru Stories count as a psycho 30 yr. old? You know you will be surrounded by guys.

Tru Stories said...

It's NOT on your bucket list??

Wow.. this is sorta weird.
I might have to take the ticket back. I thought I was working on your bucket list.

Tina said...

You. Suck.

Big Boca Bob said...

One Word.


you can call me al said...

So excited for you!

Coach said...

I went last year, and it is mostly guys, but for some reason I still felt a little out of place. Not sure what it was, I just don't think we had much in common.

Tru Stories said...

Dear Drama Queen:
You went nearly FOUR years ago... seems to me, you guys got a little something in common.... exagerrate much!?

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!! I thought of you immediately when I saw the concert advertised. So-o glad you will be going and going in style, nonetheless!
Long live The Material Girl.


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