Friday, January 13, 2012

Very Superstitous, Writing's On The Wall

I'll admit it. I've dreaded today from the first moment my eyes landed on the date on the calendar. I don't like Friday the 13th. Never had, probably never will. I know how ridiculous I'm going to sound in the following paragraphs, but I've got to honest with all of you: I am very (quietly) superstitious.

I won't walk under ladders. One day I rerouted my regular running path solely because a black cat was sitting at the side of the road and I did not want it crossing my path as I ran toward it. I've also stopped an afternoon run to pick up a face-up penny. I firmly believe bad luck comes in a trio. Each time I clean my bathroom mirror I am very aware of how much pressure I am using so as not to cause it to come crashing down, and on our Halloween scavenger hunt this year I flat out refused to take any part in breaking a mirror and ordered the same of my husband. I won't - or let anyone living with me - ever open an umbrella inside the house. I knock on wood, I make wishes on 11:11, and I most certainly had something old, new, borrowed, and blue on my person as I walked down the aisle on my wedding day.

These very common superstitions probably aren't all that unusual I suppose, but now I'll give you all a little glimpse into some of my wackier "issues". It dates back to as early as the junior high years. Our seventh grade basketball had a great season, making it all the way to the state championship game. Sure we had a lot of talent, but to this day I will stand by my humble opinion that a large part of our success was courtesy of the superstitious behaviors, or traditions if you will, we held on to with fury throughout the season. Ann had her lucky hot pink socks which were worn to every game. One uniform - I can't remember now if it was the red or white jerseys - held particularl special powers. Alison always brought her gold padlock, secured tightly to the outside of her duffel back and then placed with reverence on her locker at the appropriate time. We lined up to enter the gym in the same order every single game. Last, but most certainly not least, we had our lucky penny which was placed lovingly in a rosary box donated selfishlessly by one of the Parkers ensuring we had God's blessing for a triumphant victory. That lucky penny housed inside the rosary box was so substantial in its importance that it earned a place of honor right next to our state runner-up trophy until both were removed from the display case to make room for newer accomplishments.

Little nuances like these somehow took root in my brain and to this day impact my daily operations. For example, I always put my right shoe on first. I like to follow nearly the same routine every day, especially on weekday mornings. I am uncomfortable shifting from my standard shower-get ready-get dressed-eat breakfast-leave for work plan. Alterations in other ordinary routines are not easy for me. Examples: I'm certain that if I leave supper dishes unwashed over night, my bed unmade before leaving for work, or our house uncleaned over the weekend that doom will follow.

Okay, so maybe I'm a little less superstitious and a little more OCD. It's just a matter of semantics, right?

In an effort to make me feel better about myself, leave me a comment chronicling one of your superstitions. I'm sure I'm not the only crazy one out there (and if I am, there's always Patrice who is WAY wackier in her superstitious beliefs than I am).


Doc said...

I must dribble the ball 3 times before shooting a free throw or serving a volleyball. If I don't things go really bad!

Anonymous said...

I thought for a minute you were Patrice1 She never sweeps a floor at night.

Oh that 7th grade team....fond memories!
Mom/Gramma Poke

PS I called Patrice today on her "lucky day" wouldn't you know it she wasn't home.

The Mrs. said...

My favorite Patrice-ism: Always leave a building from the same door you enter. I'll never forget when she made you open the garage door one afternoon because she refused to go out the front door. I haven't adopted that one...yet.

The Page Turner said...

I did not even realize today was Friday the 13th. How's that for not being superstitous!

Parker said...

Oh..the lucky penny! I wonder what they did with it when they took the trophy out of the trophy case? Surely they have them stored together somewhere, right?

Grama JG said...

My grandmother must have been a friend of Patrice...she always went out the door she came in...and made us do the same thing!! Now I tell my friends to do it and they look at me like I'm crazy!!

Parker said...

The funny thing about Patrice..SHE won't sweep after dark...but she will make RICK do it!

Anonymous said...

One thing is for certain...your memory is uncanny, Mrs!


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