Saturday, January 28, 2012

And Now For Our Feature Presentation

You've seen us in the 80s, totally tubular with enough spandex, teased hair, tight rolls, blue eyeshadow, and jelly bracelets to get us through one of the greatest decades on record.

We showed you that we could really rock the 70s, some of us once again wearing more spandex than is probably legal.

We twisted and shouted through the 1950s, bringing home multiple championship titles in the process. I learned that night that I could get behind a return of the poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and cat eye glasses fashion trend.

Last year we saw a flash mob dance, group vow renewals, and more costume creativity than ever before at one of the craziest wedding receptions held within the walls of St. Pat's parish hall.

And tonight, the legend continues.

If you love old Hollywood glamor . . . you should come.

If you delight in red carpet fashions and award show hi jinx . . . you should come.

If you think masquerade balls are mysterious, and alluring, and intriguing . . . you should come.

If you are a movie buff and believe in celebrating cinematic greatness . . . you should come.

If you have a gown you've been dying to wear again . . . you should come.

If you have ever been told "You look a lot like (insert famous Hollywood actor/actress here)" . . . you should come.

If you enjoy being entertained . . . you should come.

If you like watching people make fools of themselves in public . . . you should come.

If you just have to dance . . . you should come.

If you want to support an extraordinary team and worthwhile cause . . . you should come.

St. Patrick's Parish Hall in Dwight.
8 o'clock to midnight.
Tickets can be purchased at the door.
Fancy attire or masks not required.

Just like when Billy Crystal hosts the Academy Awards, I promise you will not walk away disappointed.

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