Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where Did We Go Wrong?

I'm not sure how it happened, but we have a traitor among us.

It was an event that blew the minds of many when The General declared a change of NFL allegiance a few years ago. For many seasons, he was a faithful, devoted fan of the Denver Broncos. The one-two punch of a Jay Cutler trade and Mike Shannahon firing was too much for him to bear however, and he announced that he was officially becoming a Chicago Bears fan solely and completely.

It was an easy transition for our family of four having always rooted for the home team anyway. I mean, everyone born in Illinois before the Reagan administration remembers where they were during the 1985 Superbowl Victory. Our football loving family has enjoyed many a Sunday afternoon rooting on Da Bears, that is until a very unsettling turn of events has recently transpired.

Punkin has declared herself a fan of the Green Bay Packers. I don't know how it happened, but just like that we're raising a cheesehead.

I can very easily point the finger of blame in one of two primary directions. First and foremost, I will call out our nephew Vince for the initial poisoning of his younger cousin. This Packer jersey wearing young man has certainly influenced Punkin without our prior consent. Secondly, my own sister-in-law Care Bear - a life-long Cheesehead herself- can consider share responsibility for the final push to get Punkin to the dark side. It doesn't help that she randomly sends text messages of a smiling, adorable, squishy faced Pebbles dressed in her green and gold sleeper. It takes a very strong soul to resist that influence; I could be driven to much darker depths in the name of making that little girl happy.

We'll chalk it up to yet another way we've gone terribly wrong with raising this second child of ours.


Big Boca Bob said...

I could not be happier about this news! I knew I always liked that girl!! Check the mailbox in the upcoming days....I have plenty of green and gold accessories to share with Punkin! GO PACK GO!

The General said...

Just as long as she's not a cub fan.

The Page Turner said...

So sorry! Can we just pretend she is jumping on the bandwagon of a winning season. It will pass.

The MC said...

We feel your pain.

Tina said...

The General can't jump back on the Broncos Bandwagon now that Tim Tebow is leading the charge? I'm disappointed.

The General said...

Negative ghost rider

dennis said...

13-0 that's alright i followed bo jackson aroun and i liked the raiders for awhile till i landed in greenbay. she'll probably change 5 more times


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