Friday, December 2, 2011

Showing My Age

Today I turn 34. Thirty-Four. Almost half-way to The Big Four-Oh. Ouch. It's scary when you begin celebrating birthdays you remember your own parents celebrating.

For those of you young whippersnappers out there reading, you might be wondering how a thirty-four year old celebrates this milestone. Spa day? Weekend getaway? Quiet evening at home? Raucous night of partying at the local watering hole?

I can only speak for myself, but I've got a well thought out plan and am excited to get the party started. It's a multi-step process; as you might already know, I firmly believe in stretching out the celebration at least a full week.
  1. Tonight we'll attend Shortcake's mini Christmas concert at our high school's promfest fundraiser. I'll try not to buy a heavily decorated Christmas tree. Probably clean the house and do some laundry after putting the kids to bed.
  2. The following day, drop the girls off at my parents in order to spend the following several hours partaking in shopping at Hobby Lobby in order to procure necessary items to complete the long list of craft projects I've complied for holiday decorating and gift giving purposes. Pinterest strikes again.
  3. Reward The General for his patience with a meal at one of his favorite restaurants.
  4. Stop by The Home Depot to pick out my combo birthday/Christmas present: a new dishwasher!
  5. Pick up the girls, fall asleep on the way home, try not to drool on the truck's middle console.
  6. Sunday will be jammed packed with Christmas tree decorating, craft project assembly, laundry, and maybe a little True Blood viewing if the latest Netflix delivery arrives in time.
Try not to be jealous. My life is very glamorous.

(And I wouldn't want it any other way.)


Parker..oops! I guess it is Mallaney now! said...

Happy Birthday Mrs! Sounds like you have an action packed weekend!

Munchkin said...

haha, Parker..oops! I like your new blog name.

Mrs. - I think that sounds like a good weekend as I have made the turn. I enjoy hobby lobby and home depot and bed bath and beyond. Damn homeownership. Please invite me to pinterest as I'm sure there's no other way I will figure out how a person is supposed to decorate.

Happy Birthweek!

Tru Stories said...

Home Depot... Bed Bath and Beyond... Nice little Saturday.
Happy Birthday, Friend!
Least you are not as old as me and General.

The Page Turner said...

Happy Birthday Mrs! So happy to have you back in blog world. We miss you when you get busy living life. Enjoy your crafting!

The Bride said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I'm glad to see I'm not the only Pinterest freak!

The General said...

Happy Birthday Baby!

Doc said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Flag Girl said...

Happy birthday mrs! Hope you had a fun one!!


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