Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Quick Decorating Inventory

An account of my attempts to decorate my home for Christmas as of last Sunday:

(3) ornaments, broken

(1) vase, shattered

(6) strings of light, non-functional

(1) close call, electrical fire. See note below.

(675) lights, un-lit on a 700 light pre-lit Christmas tree

(4) strings of outdoor lights, working right up until the moment I replaced the final unlit bulb at which point the entire display went dark.

(Significant) amounts of patience, lost in this process of decking our halls

Note: Six strings of lights strung on three packages of garland housed in one 2x1 foot wood box does not pass fire code.


Tru Stories said...

I'm totally with you.
I spent hours working on lights on our window box/porch, only to plug them in AFTER I WAS FINISHED to realize 2 halves of 2 lines were out. Amused.
I am currently trying to bribe Coach into a last second, Saturday evening shopping trip to Hobby Lobby and Target... seems unlikely.

Munchkin said...

that's why i don't decorate, i'm not Scrooge, just avoiding anger

The Page Turner said...


The MC said...

I had 5 pounds of lights that didn't work!! I recycled them in town -- if you can't find a recycling place for them, let me know.


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