Thursday, December 1, 2011

Overworked and Underappreciated

As we were eating dinner the other evening, somehow the conversation turned to The General and his "super hero" powers. An simple statement turned into a 15 minute love fest between The General and his daughters.

"He's strong."
"He acts crazy sometimes."
"He's really funny."
"He's the most handsome dad ever."*

And on, and on, and on.

*offered up by an oh-so-humble General, simply agreed upon by the girls

Eventually (as perhaps a little bit to The General's dismay) the conversation ended and transitioned into Punkin's new favorite game of "Raise your hand if you ______". After a few rounds, I sweetly asked if the girls thought I possessed any super powers.

Response: awkward silence followed by a smooth avoidance of the question by both of my children.

I laughed it off, happy to let the matter drop. The General must have sensed my need for affirmation and he posed the question again.

And again, awkward silence. Avoidance of the question. Now it was starting to feel a little personal.

The General was not to be deterred. He asked the girls one more time - "What super hero powers does mommy have?" - and before they could ignore the question for a third time he started providing some examples as motivation.

"She makes yummy suppers."
"She keeps your tummy full so you can stay healthy."
"She keeps our house nice and clean."
"She helps you when you take baths and showers."

And finally, they spoke.

"Yeah, and do you remember that sometimes you help us when it's time for baths? You're good at helping with baths, Daddy."

You know, he really was. Four years ago when he last could be talked into assisting with that task.

There was really nothing to do but laugh. I'm sure they'll think of something that makes me spectacular in their eyes one of these days. In the meantime I guess I'll just continue keeping their tummies full and house clean.


The Page Turner said...

Yep, you are a Mom. No Super Powers whatsoever. But, the same person becomes a Grammy.....and we are the best!

Meghann said...

Yeah, don't worry. Some day they'll become moms, and when they start freaking out, it won't be the General they call for advice. Then your super powers will really be revealed. :)

Anonymous said...

As I remember quite well...your Mom had no super power either! That famous quote "wait till your Dad gets home" wasn't a threat in the Poke household...the two Poke kids couldn't wait till Dad came home. He was way more fun. In fact, wasn't it just a couple of years ago when shortcake missed her Gramma so much that she was crying for her Gramma and her Mom (you) said, I don't know what the big deal is....I lived with Gramma for 21 years and she wasn't that much fun!! Just think some day a little someone will be crying for you too. I love you, hang in there. You are a SUPER MOMMY!

Tru Stories said...

Let's revisit a quote from early in this post:
Sometimes he acts crazy.
I'd say so...
Coach is still waking up with nightmares, from his birthday craziness. I have to hold Coach's hand and promise General will never lap dance again.
He does act crazy.
Tru statement.

Oh yeah...
You run. Stupid far. Stupid fast.

The General said...



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