Friday, December 30, 2011

One Carbon Hill's Year In Review

Seriously, where did 2011 go? With each passing year the days pass by even faster than those before them and just like that we're on the brink of another new year. So how did occupy our time over the past 365 days? Here's a quick review:

January: I resolved to take a picture every day (successful through approximately mid-January). We discovered removing an old water heater is significantly more difficult than installing a new one. Shortcake proved she still looks cute even when half of her face is numb. We attended the most bizarre wedding reception of all time (and we've been to A LOT of wedding receptions, so that's saying something).

February: Snowpocalypse 2011 hit early in the month and we all lived to tell about it. I received the greatest Valentine's Day card of my life. Half-marathon training began and I learned it quite literally possible to run your pants off. The General showcased his deep knowledge of Biblical trivia.

March: We spent our spring break engaged in activities like deep cleaning, a mandatory shut down of all electronic devices (including cell phones, televisions, computers, and gaming systems), a white trash getaway.

April: Punkin turned five. The General turned 34. We celebrated Easter. We feared that our septic system had taken a crap. I ran a half-marathon, easily one of the top ten greatest personal accomplishments of my life to date.

May: We learned that even though they're as cute as they come, the next generation of The General's family have a long way to go in terms of dance ability. I learned that my daughters do no necessarily share in my joy of running. Summer break started and we kicked off the festivities with a wet weekend camping trip to Moraine View State Park.
June: Beach. Pool. Lost teeth. Setting the groundwork for "The Talk". Mud. Homecoming. Maybe my favorite month of the year.

July: This is the month when this blog really started its slow decline to neglect and abandonment. I blame the time spent at the lake, swim lessons, visits with Gizmo & Gonzo, water park outings, and boating on the river. It was a jammed packed month of fun, topped off by Shortcake's seventh birthday and our annual boat trip to Lake Shelbyville.

August: An innocent backyard camping adventure nearly turned deadly as summer came to an end. My baby left for kindergarten and my other baby started second grade. Still impossible to comprehend some days.

September: Soccer was in full effect with both girls playing this year. I shared a very exciting announcement about The General's family growing by two more in 2012, and my heart split wide open once again as we joined my brother and sister-in-law in welcoming sweet Ella Elizabeth into the world.

October: We enjoyed our first full month of having The General home with us every night, and we all celebrated another fun Halloween with friends (some more innocently than others).

November: I declared my intentions to jump into an ice covered lake. We celebrated 95 years with GG. Punkin demonstrated that kindergarten has not taken away any of her sassiness and spunk.

December: I vowed to rededicated myself to writing on this blog and failed miserably (I blame my lack of superpowers. True Blood and Pinterest may have also played a part). After a very long hiatus, I attempted to reconnect with running. We celebrated a wonderful Christmas season with our families and anxiously anticipated what 2012 has in store.

Happy New Year, friends!

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