Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ingredients For The Worst Day Ever (According To A Five Year Old)

For reasons unknown to me, a relatively lovely day turned to downright despair sometime between dinner and showers for my little Punkin. We all know her mood can change on a moment's notice and today was no exception. Sniffling dramatically from the bathroom, I went in to check on the little drama queen to investigate the origins of her despair. When asked what was wrong she simply declared today was "the wust day evuh".

I asked her to give me five reasons why today earned such a dubious honor. Her response:

1. Her socks were slippery and made her fall down on the hard floor. And you know, she could have really gotten hurt falling on the hard floor of the bathroom.

2. The broccoli that I served with dinner - a vegetable which she has eagerly and willingly ingested since first introduced several years ago - now gives her a rash. An invisible yet highly itchy rash according to Punkin.

3. This broccoli rash, when itched, just gets worse and worse.

4. Her wet hair dripped on her legs and knees.

5. The shirt to her pajamas have fitted sleeves and make her "feel wee-uhed".

So there you have it. Punkin's worse day evuh. Clearly we should all pity her.

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The Page Turner said...

I don't like it when things feel weerud either.


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