Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap, Part Two: In Which Adults Throw All Attempts At Being Respectable, Dignified Citizens Out The Window

I will recap our adults-only Halloween party with these three points:

  1. It's a small miracle no one arrested or injured as a result of the greatest scavenger hunt in Halloween history (until next year, that is).
  2. The Legners are saints for opening their home and garage - and as a result having to deal with the pre-party preparations and post-party aftermath - so that their friends and family can act like they are 21 again.
  3. My favorite quote of the night was courtesy of The General, uttered on our last stop of the scavenger hunt in Berkot's 10 items or less line to an elderly woman doing her weekly grocery shopping:
    "I know you've probably got some place to go, but I'm in the middle of a scavenger hunt, wearing a loin cloth, and sweating profusely. Do you mind if we jump ahead of you?".
And now the pictures because I know that's all you really are about.

Yes, that is my real hair (hot rollers, teasing comb, and extra hold hairspray work wonders) and no I did not wear this costume to school on Monday (as if my mom really needed to ask). Also, it is not lost on me that despite wearing a "loin cloth" The General was oddly covered this year. Multiple people were confused by this turn of events given his past history.

Dora and Diego. Super cute and maybe just a little bit creepy (especially when Tru Stories announced, "Get it? We're cousins who make out").

This costume may not make sense to most of you, but let me assure you one thing about Sweetbread's getup. NAILED. IT. And Skirthol? Just, um, wow. Nice legs!

The Pirates, him with a totally rocking "ARRRRGH" sound.

Our host and hostess with the most-est. Thanks again for an amazing night!

The always fashionable Mike and Kathy did not disappoint.

No doubt about it, these two had my vote for best couple. Who knew Flag Girl looks exactly like Winona Ryder?

And of course there are a few assorted pictures from the scavenger hunt:

(Quick vote: which is more disrespectful? Appearing as though you are pooping on a grave when really you're just squatting so not to sit on it out of respect for the dead or flashing rock 'n roll/hang ten hand signals? I'm just curious.)

Finally, a few fun random snapshots:

A Dancing With The Stars recap!

DJ Preggerella, cut it up one time.

I feel like I have at least 900 pictures of Proud Munchkin exactly like this from various events.

End of the night foot rubs courtesy of Hell Boy.

Life would be meaningless without good friends to share it with.

Finally, this last picture is especially for Tru Stories.

Your husband + an excellent shot of my husband's chest hair = a spot on your "Things that make me smile" board?

You don't have to answer me now. I'll just be surprised next time I grab a water bottle out of your frig.


The Page Turner said...

Tru Stories is right. You and the General are a hot Cave Couple. I love your hot curler hair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the usual, looks like you guys had a great time! Glad we didn't have to bail anyone out!
Nice hair Mrs.

Gramma Poke

Tru Stories said...

Coach lookin like a total mess:
Not exactly top on the 'things that make me smile' board.

But I am thinking of adding a second board... I like the daily reminder of happy things.

Munchkin said...

I thought she was referring to the General's chest hair

Anonymous said...

i was wondering when some pics were coming, looked on Facebook and was disappointed, nothing...but forgot about 1 carbon hill tree.


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