Thursday, October 20, 2011

Watch Out, William Hung, There's A New Sensation On The Block

Probably modeled after my own obsession, Shortcake and Punkin are going through a very serious addiction with my iPad and iPhone. They ask for them constantly; if I refuse access to one they immediately ask for clearance to use the other. I suppose I'm (more than) partly to blame. After all, they're enticing all on their own but the fact that I've added apps directly for them doesn't help the cause much.

Punkin has demonstrated a love for Pandora Radio in the last couple of weeks, specifically the Kidz Bop station that I installed for her listening enjoyment. A few weekends ago I heard her walking through the house belting out a familiar song. I couldn't hear music accompanying her, and as she walked into my bedroom it quickly became evident why that was the case - she had decided to rob the rest of us the notes which served as musical accompaniment to her voice by wearing headphones. This served two purposes for those of us unfortunate souls who happened to be within listening range: first we were required to hear her off tune singing with nothing to serve as a filter and secondly her already louder than the average five year old volume was magnified even more thanks to the sound blocking effects of the headphones.

Let me make this disclaimer now: When I refer to Punkin's "singing" I use that term very, very loosely. If it weren't so stinkin' hilarious to watch her perform I would probably beg her to stop for the pain of it. The only thing more amusing is listening to her father sing Prince's "Kiss" while wearing that same pair of headphones. Some people just don't know their range.

Shall we turn this into a fun game? Try to figure out the tunes she is singing (that is if you can stop laughing at her hands motions and Shortcake's Headbanger Ball-esque facial expressions and air guitar long enough to focus on the nearly indecipherable lyrics). One final reminder that you have been warned. I am not responsible for any pain this may cause, but I assure you seeing a glimpse of her enthusiasm is worth the risk.


Did you guess correctly?


Tru Stories said...

First: The Kid successfully guess all 3 songs.
Second: Tink said "Why dos Lana keep singing dat song? It mus be stucked in her head."
Third: Coco said "I want dos girls at my house."
Last: My girls want to watch these videos on repeat. Why do they find your daughters so bleepin awesome??!!

The Page Turner said...

It is early. She has time to discover a passion for another career.

Munchkin said...

why did I watch the entire phineas and ferb video?


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