Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Recap, Part One: The Innocence

We are, as a family of four, trying to recover from the whirlwind that was this year's Halloween celebrations. Kid party on Friday night, adult party on Saturday, a day of recuperation on Sunday, and a final school party/parade/trick-or-treating-til-they-drop this afternoon combines to equal one tired family. Sheer determination, a boat load of caffeine, and early bedtimes it going to be the only things that see us through the end of this week.

It feels slightly dirty to include pictures of my sweet, pure, angelic children in their Halloween garb with those of the many inappropriate photographs of The General and I with our friends and family, thus I am separating them into two separate posts. It's better for everyone if we keep those two worlds separate in an effort to minimalize trauma to our fragile children.

As I mentioned, the girls were invited to a kid friendly Halloween party on Friday night. They had a fantastic time with their friends in D-Town. The games were entertaining, they were thrilled with their take home bag filled with goodies, and they were exhausted to the point of passing out in the backseat of my car within minutes of leaving town. This year they had complete control of their costumes (minus a few executive overrides, those being negotiations to compromise a more fiscally responsible costume as opposed to Punkin's initial request for the $60 Tiana costume and flat out refusal to buy $15 plastic Ariel themed high heels). I was hesitant to spend the extra money on the wigs, but in the end I realize they really made the costume complete. I also took great pleasure in reminding the girls at every opportunity that they insisted on having them therefore I insisted they continue to wear them, itchiness and uncomfortableness be damned. I was going to get my $16 worth out of those wigs.

This pose was all Shortcake's doing, having studied the packaging on her costume with apparent intensity. She was very excited to go as Strawberry Shortcake this year.

I have a love-hate relationship with this picture. I love it because it perfectly captures my oldest daughter's sweetness yet hate it because she looks so grown up in it. Time just keeps on tickin'. . .

Punkin's pose took some minor coaching. After asking me what Ariel looks like in pictures, I casually mentioned that sometimes she looks off into the sky, like when she's wishing to be part of another world. This is what she came up with. And she committed to it with the passion and intensity of an Academy Award winning actress.

Then she decided to spontaneously go all Showgirls on me. I also have a love-hate relationship with this photograph. Love it = so classically Punkin in all its sassiness. Hate it = I think it's obvious, no?

Today was a day long celebration at school. It kicked off with classroom parties and followed with their separate school wide parades. I joined in on the fun and threw together a little costume of my own with just a few things I had laying around in the closet. It is absolutely amazing (and a little ridiculous) the arsenal of costumes and accessories we have accumulated over the past five years.

Shortcake's parade was first, and she was absolutely beaming with excitement. No child in the history of formalized education has ever loved being at school at much as this child.

Following her parade, I drove over to Punkin's school to watch her walk in her first Halloween parade. The stress on her face in the first picture is a result of concern that I may not be in the crowd. Typical second child, fearful that she will be ignored.

Clearly her face in this picture shows her unbridled joy at knowing her mother is present and accounted for. I won't lie - it feels good to be wanted and loved.

Following school, we rushed home to "fluff and puff" one last time before heading back to D-Town for trick-or-treating in my grandparent's neighborhood. It may seem ridiculous to drive 25 minutes to beg for candy, but when I saw the number of full sized candy bars being distributed I realized we made the right choice.

We enjoyed an hour and a half of strolling the north side of town, a dinner at THE Dairy Queen, and a quiet ride back home rounded out Halloween 2011. Once home, it was straight to bed for my exhausted little ghouls.

May the rest of this week be kind to the weary is all I ask.


The Page Turner said...

What a great day! They look adorable.

Parker said...

Cute!! You should ventured over a few blocks to Linden. We had full size for kids...and 12oz for parents!

Tru Stories said...

My girls were super jealous of the pretty wigs!! Tink could not stop staring at them.

And you'd better rest plenty this week... Warning.

Anonymous said...

It's that time of year...I love your Halloween posts!
Oh wait, and your birthday posts, and your anniversary posts...



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