Monday, September 12, 2011


So, someone remind me. How does this whole "blogging" thing work okay? Seems when you're gone for seven thousand years it's almost like you forget how to do it. And this I've discovered right quick: being busy thereby keeping you away from posting somewhat regularly really, in the end, is a lot harder than just squeezing in a quick 10 minute blog post every couple of days. Because, really. How am I supposed to remember what we've been filling our days and nights with since the start of school?

I suppose pictures would probably be a solid start.

When the girls and I are not spending time behind the doors of one of the five schools in our little district, your next best bet for locating us would be on the soccer fields adjacent to the elementary school. Practice two nights a week with games on Saturday mornings have turned this once anti-soccer family into a I-guess-it's-alright-but-that-doesn't-mean-we-have-any-better-understanding-of-the rules-of-soccer family. Shortcake's team is sitting at a dismal record of 1-2-1, although that doesn't seem to phase her. If you watch our girl out on the field she appears to be having absolutely no fun at all, but she's just happy to be out there with her peers. She could really care less about the whole "playing to win" or "putting forth a great deal of effort" thing. The one thing she does have going for her is that she is most certainly one of the cutest girls out there, and I don't care who you are that always counts for something.

Punkin's team is sitting at 3-0-1 (I think?), and thanks to a coach who is equal parts dedicated, competitive, compassionate, and intense her learning curve for the game has grown dramatically. In the past two weeks especially I've seen quite the athlete emerge in this little fireball. Granted, she still trips over the ball at least twice per practice, but this is a large improvement over the ten to twelve self-imposed stumbles seen in the initial weeks. She has a passion for playing goalie, and although initially I was not excited about her taking a spot in that high stakes position she actually does quite well there. Girl's got some speed too when she wants to turn it on (e.g., if her coach has offered candy as an incentive). On the downside, when playing against a classmate she spends a great deal of the game encouraging her opponent to play more to his potential at a very Punkin-esque volume (read: LOUD. And slightly THREATENING), and she still has not mastered the concept of getting in front of someone when the ball is stolen. She prefers to throw her head back and trot very slowly after the mass surrounding the ball instead.

As is always the case in life, there's a lesson in every adventure whether you're an active participant or a passive observer. And what I've learned in my short tenure as a soccer mom is that I have the potential to be as loud as my own mom was while cheering for her children during sporting events. It was bound to happen. Should either of our girls join the track team it could be embarrassing for us all.

In school news, Shortcake and Punkin are currently kicking second grade's and kindergarten's you-know-whats respectively. After a rough first full day where she declared her homework as too hard and then proceeded to ugly cry it out while huddled in my lap wiping snot on me from shoulder to elbow , Shortcake found her groove and hasn't looked back. She loves her teacher, is making new friends, and is generally appearing more grown up with every passing minute. She has been invited to participate in the school's accelerated/enrichment program this year, an honor for which her dad and I are incredibly proud. This girl's brain never stops turning - sometimes for better, other times for worse - and I'm never surprised when a teacher approaches me to tell me how much they enjoy having her in their class. I mean, who doesn't love spending time in the presence of this beautiful soul?

Punkin, although she will make you try to believe otherwise, L-O-V-E-S kindergarten. If I could clone her teacher and find a way to ensure that Punkin could get her at every single level I would do it in a heartbeat. Perhaps you picked up on this already, but I'll admit that I was more that a little fearful that Punkin would face challenges in school. So far it appears as though I was a fool for ever holding any doubts. Punkin comes home every single day singing a new song about appropriate behavior, showing off important foundational reading skills like nobody's business, and generally blowing me away with her eagerness for completing her 10 minute homework assignments each night. I know you're all very eagerly awaiting the stories that start something like "You'll never believe what Punkin did in kindergarten today..."; I hate to disappoint you, but to my knowledge she's just been a regular ol' rule abiding, polite, model student. Hang in there though. A girl with this much spunk can not keep it reigned in forever.

The General had a very busy end to August, working while we were home, sleeping while we were at school, and spending two weekends in a row away from home for the majority of the day tending to daunting duties involving golf clubs and fantasy football drafting. In an attempt to pass the time while he was away, the girls and I tried to keep busy with trips to the mall, a car show in our little park, and the zoo.

Speaking of The General, he is slowly making a recovery from The Sinus Infection From Hell. A trip to the ER and his inaugural CT scan, multiple prescriptions, and a week off of work all combined to keep him home and, as his doctor's note stated, "incapacitated". Thus, I attended my 15 year class reunion solo. Behold, roughly 15% of the Class of 1996. Fifteen years, several pounds, multiple children, loads of laughs, and a few court orders later.

Luckily, The General rallied by Sunday afternoon so that he could participate in his second fantasy draft of the season.

(PS - This guy's baby is still baking, and I'm starting to get annoyed. Come on, Baby P! Your mama is uncomfortable, and Auntie Mrs. is ready for some newborn baby snuggling. I've kept all Uncle General's germs as far from me as possible as a precaution so I'll be ready to meet you at a moment's notice.)

But then, just when he thought he had made it out of the woods, the virus decided to give him a second go-round by Wednesday afternoon. He spent the majority of this past weekend on the couch (which, let's admit it, would have happened anyway thanks to NFL kickoff weekend), and he's gone through more Kleenex in two weeks time than I ever thought possible. I normally like to tell anyone who will listen what a huge baby my husband is when he's sick, but even I have to admit that this go 'round has been legit. I was able to sleep though the last two nights soundly without being woken up by the sound of mucous gurgling in his nose/throat/sinuses (I like to paint pictures with my words; you're welcome for the visual), so here's to hoping that he's finally on the road to recovery.

Okay, let's see. I have no doubts that I'm missing gaping holes and very important details in the daily happenings here at Casa de One Carbon Hill. Alas, I have no other pictures documenting our adventures and frankly, my interest in this post in waning as I feel the need to check in on my own fantasy team's performance (Mrs. Mayhem, back in action. Ya heard?), do some research on social behaviors (i.e., creep on Facebook), and squeeze in a little work-from-home duties.

Until we meet again, hopefully sometime before Halloween...


Tru Stories said...

I was 6 hours away, from removing your blog from my Favorites.

The MC said...

So glad you're back!!

Anonymous said...

I have missed proud of the girls...hope the general is forgot to mention the girls are proud parents of 5 (at least) new kittens! Gramma Poke

Parker said...

Welcome Back!

you can call me al said...

Way to go, Shortcake and Punkin! Congrats on starting off the year so well!

Tina said...

1. How can you have a kid that is in second grade? That makes you old.

2. How can you be out of high school for 15 years? That makes you really old.

3. You look hot in that reunion picture! You do not look old, even though you are.

4. I love you.


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