Monday, September 19, 2011

Signs Already Indicate She Has Inherited Her Father's Stubbornness. Lord Help Her Mother.

This afternoon, my sister-in-law Cari sent me a text message with updated news on Pebbles Watch 2011. I live for Baby Pebbles updates. This was our first glimpse of sweet baby girl, taken at six weeks. Nothin' but a little jelly bean baby baking in her mama's belly.

And here's the cute mommy-t0-be at eight weeks. Let's all marvel at Cari's enviable obliques.

What a difference 30 weeks makes! I can tell you one thing: it is nearly impossible for me to keep my hands away from Cari's belly. I can restrain myself for only so long, but as soon as Cari mentions Baby P is on the move, my hand is there before I can even stop myself. Pebbles and I bonded one night late spring/early summer during her evening kick and roll fest. I could hardly stand it for the excitement of it all.

We hit Harvest Days briefly on Saturday for a little shopping, walking, and funnel cake & lemon shake-up eating in hopes of getting this little girl moving to no avail. Baby Pebbles' home is more than ready for her arrival. Her room is dripping in pink from every possible surface, the closet and drawers are stocked with the most adorable clothes, and headband & bows sitting waiting to adorn her precious little head.

Then again, "little" appears to be a relative term. Sounds like Baby Pebbles is prepared to follow the lead of generations of Poke babies before her - not one that I can think of have been born under eight pounds. Thinking for eight months that she would make her arrival by Harvest Days weekend at the latest, I am now in Baby Watch overdrive. You can find me checking my phone obsessively and leaping like a jaguar toward the phone anytime it rings.

As anxious as I am to meet my newest niece, I can only imagine the excitement and anticipation that my brother and sister-in-law are experiencing. I know Cari is exhausted and uncomfortable and just overall done being pregnant, but all of that will quickly fade when she finally, finally gets to hold her sweet baby girl in her arms. Let's all take a moment to send her some positive vibes to get her through these last few days.

While you're doing that, I'm going to do my part my making sure I have enough gas in my car, camera batteries charged, and her baby gift prepped to grab as I run out the door so that I'm ready at a moment's notice once the call comes in. I'm also going to subliminally send some messages of my own to Sweet P filled with loving words and only the hint of a threatening tone in an attempt to get her here A-SAP. I can be patient for only so long.

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The Page Turner said...

Sending positive baby vibes your way.


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