Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Reintroduction Of Sorts

I realized the other day that it's been quite some time since some of the supporting cast of the One Carbon Hill clan has received blog time, and since we were all together last Sunday I took that opportunity to take a few snapshots to quickly update you on the whereabouts and goings on of The Cousins.

May I reintroduce you to . . .

1. Relish (age 15. Sophomore in high school, member of the swim team, marching band, and active in the FFA. Loving big sister, devoted oldest cousin, too grown up for my liking but it's fun having her a now active participant in the "big girl" conversations.)

2. The White Tornado (age 11.5. One of the founding members of the four we fondly refer to as The Nerd Herd. Baseball player, lover of Star Wars. Rarely seen around the house at family functions unless it's time to eat.)

3. Vince (age 11.5. Co-founder of The Nerd Herd and the only Green Bay fan in the family. We keep him around because he's entertaining and helps keep an eye on our girls when Relish isn't around. Playing tackle football for the first time this year, and his knowledge of NFL players may soon surpass that of his uncle.)

4. Elizabeth Taylor (age 10. Talkative is a good adjective for this girl. Only female member of The Nerd Herd [although there are three little girls patiently waiting in queue for their membership cards], she loves fiercely and wears her heart on her sleeve.)

5. George (age 9. Rounds out The Nerd Herd and like his older brother plays tackle football in his leisure time. When he feels like relaxing, he can be found wearing off beat pajamas to family functions. Picture partially buttoned up flannel pajamas worn in a style reminiscent of Burt Reynolds circa 1982 by winter, Spiderman man-pris by summer.)

6. Shortcake (age 7. Sweet, compassionate, deep thinker, emotions bubble up when you least expect it, snuggler, is devastated when she misses an opportunity to spend time with her friends, loves her cousins to pieces.)

7. Little Miss (age 5.5. Sassy, spunky, and I'll go ahead and say the in-house comedienne in her family. There have been very few times that I have been around this little girl without hearing her do or say something that is unexpectedly and unintentionally hilarious. Has grown out of her thankles with only a touch of residual emotional scarring.)

8. Punkin (age 5. Independent, entertaining, unpredictable, drama queen, fancy pants. Is happiest when adorned with jewels, shoes that make clicking noises when walking across hardwood floors, and mismatched clothing which she picks out on her own.)

9. Rueben (age 3.5. Alternate blog name Wii Man, self appointed due to his addiction to any system with a screen. If there is a twelve step program for such an ailment please let his parents know. Already reading, he's the family's best bet for fame and riches. Now that Steve Jobs has stepped down, it's one small step to overtake Bill Gates and the world will be his to own.)

10. Star (age 1. Sweet as can be with a smile that lights up a room. This petite little girl doesn't have to go far before she's swooped up by someone ready to love on her, smothering her with hugs, kisses, and zerberts for good measure. She's easy to love, and I want to steal her.)

So there they are, the Terrific Ten. Full of life and love, making me grateful with every gathering that our girls are surrounded by cousins who love each other from start to finish.

Oh, and in case you weren't paying attention . . .

. . . I'm currently accepting submissions for additional blog names. YAY!


you can call me al said...

Very well done! You have blogging down to an artform! Bravo!

Munchkin said...

that really was quite fantastic

The Bride said...

Loved every word .... And image of that!!

..... Did I see some Allstar shirts in there?!

Tru Stories said...

First: I read the entire post, feeling annoyed.. because you are way more awesome and have nicknamed each kid.. rather than just generically giving them numbers.
Next: Coach just happened to be standing and looking at the pics with me, the convo went a little something like this:

Coach: Look how old he looks!
Me: Look how beautiful Lana is.

Coach: I'm not even sure I have ever seen that kid before.
Me: Wait...
Me: Um... (rolling over blog)
Me: Oh My God.
Coach: What.
Me: Oh MY god.
Coach: Oh my god.
Me: Seven.
Coach: Oh my...
Me: Oh my god.
Coco: Oh my God.
Me & Coach: Coco, Don't say that!!

Tru Stories said...


Munchkin said...

Munchkin: "Reuben I like your shirt."
Reuben: "Thanks its from Kaffy."

You should've gotten him like 3 or 4 so AL doesn't get told she has to wash it IMMEIDATELY :)

TS - you caught both of them right?

Flag Girl said...

What the What?!
I was not paying attention!!


The Page Turner said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful, still growing family.

Cath said...

Congrats to a beautiful growing family :)

Doc said...

Great pictures! Congratulations!! Hope everyone is feeling well!

you can call me al said...

Thank you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Congrats to all!! I didn't realize what you were posting until i clicked on the last picture and read the caption!

Tina said...

Holy cow! Congrats!


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