Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mawsha's Beauty Salon

In true Gramma fashion, my mom has to make even the most mundane tasks of daily living significantly more exciting when they occur at her residence. You would like breakfast? Okay, but let's have chocolate milk instead of boring old nutritious white milk! You think forks are boring? Well then, by all means, please use these chopsticks to eat your dinner! You need a bath? I have an idea - let's turn this into a spa getaway!

Enter: Marsha's (or Mawsha's, depending on which child you're speaking with) Spa, where it's perfectly acceptable - and, in fact, encouraged - to address your grandmother by her first name. At Mawsha's, one customer is treated to a luxurious hair washing at the sink with the fancy faucet while lying prone on the kitchen counter; meanwhile, the other client is resting comfortably in a warm bath with ambient lighting courtesy of a lit candle. When each client is sufficiently cleaned or shampooed, they switch.

And on very special occasions, Mawsha decides to take the extravagance up a notch.

(Side note: these cucs were picked fresh from Mawsha's nearby garden. Punkin inadvertently picked a zucchini first. Rookie error.)

Following their cleansing routine, the girls are then draped in the finest linen dresses straight from the beaches of Mexico.

Honestly, have you ever seen a five and seven year old look so refreshed? Mawsha's beauty routine easily erased days off their face.

All I can say is live it up, buttercups, because this kind of ridiculousness will never happen at bath time at your house. Warm towels from the dryer on a chilly day is as far as your mother will bend. I would like to state for the record that while my mother is providing fun and memorable experiences for my daughters making her look like Woman of the Year, there's got to be something she lets slide. Clearly this photographic evidence demonstrates that thing must be housework, for two weeks after their last sleepover I noticed this hardened gum perched close to the bed where the girls sleep.

I can't help but wonder, two months later, if that gum might still be there. It would really make me feel a lot better about myself if it was.


Anonymous said...

YOU can bet now that gum will be gone! Man, I have to watch my back next thing I'll see are cobwebs...Let me know where they are so I can get them down.

Spa day was hilarious! Aren't they beauties!
Love those two little girls...Gramma Poke

The Mrs. said...

Yes, please remove promptly. If you know your middle granddaughter at all you will not be shocked when I tell you that she won't bat an eye at resuming chewing it if she finds it waiting for her.

The Page Turner said...

Mawsha can you pencil me in? Love it. Being Grammy's is the best. All we had to do was survive being mothers to get there.

Anonymous said...

Amen Page Turner!

0h, for all of you out there in blog land...the gum has been removed!


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