Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You're Still Accepting Posts About The Fourth of July, Right?

Is it just me, or does everyone have in their mind a vision for what Heaven will look like? I've always envisioned huge, puffy white clouds. Loved ones who passed on before me in close proximity at all times. Abundant sunshine. The fragrant aroma of lilacs drifting through the air. Ice cream available at a moment's notice.

This past weekend, I've altered - or at least added to - that vision just slightly. My idea of Heaven is going to include a large, beautiful lake with a scenic shoreline of exposed rock and tall trees. The weather will be a constant 85 degrees with a very slight breeze. There will be spacious docks for lounging on and jumping off. The water will be a comfortable temperature, warm enough to encourage complete immersion but cool enough to feel refreshing. For those moments of adventure there will be boats of all variety - kayaks for exercising and sightseeing, speed boats for tubing and skiing, pontoons for cruising and relaxing. Comfortable rafts and an abundance of noodles will keep those who want to be afloat, but swimming is also welcomed and encouraged. Snacks will be almost as plentiful as the laughs. And since in my Heaven I can paint things however I want, I'll have ripped arms, six pack abs, my legs will magically be six inches longer, and all body parts will be devoid of any bumps or dimples.

Thanks to Bill and Nancy, I had a taste of my Heaven over the Fourth of July weekend (minus the awesome body image fantasy unfortunately). My family was very grateful for the opportunity. Thanks again, Andersons, for opening your home and your lake to us to experience two days worth of wonderful Fourth of July festivities!


montanna said...

A lot of people don't have that ability. There is no instant gratification in abdominal exercise and it can seem incredibly unrewarding at time. The winners in this sport stick a process, regardless of the outcome they get. Even on the worst days, you need to get up and do the essential function to be profitable.

Munchkin said...

yeah mrs. you gotta get up and do it... is this like that one time that one comment was on here with that guy ranting about whatever it was? who are you montanna? by the way, you spelled Montana wrong...

In my Heaven, I can swim... and also have that body you were describing

The Mrs. said...

I honestly never thought I'd see the day when someone called me fat on my own blog. Message received, processed, and an action plan has been activated Montanna.

Tru Stories said...

The post was cute,
the pictures always adorable,
the title of the post was clever.
The Comments???
Totally priceless.
Thanks Montanna.

The MC said...

I think Cari has the right idea!!! Your day looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap...loved our weekend....I'm with Munchkin...who is montanna?

I love the pic of Big Poke and Shortcake jumping off the dock.

I'll start working on the abdominal exercise tomorrow. Gramma Poke/Mom

The Page Turner said...

Very jealous of your lake holiday! There has always been a lake & sunshine in my heaven. One of the hard things for me in heaven is finding a one piece suit that fits. My torso is too long. My legs almost giraffe like. Do we know this Montanna?


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