Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where Oh Where Has One Carbon Hill Gone?

An insane week long heat wave, days spent recovering at home after long nights on the town, birthday parties, family bonding time, another week of swim lessons . . . that about sums up the goings on at OCH over the past week. This has been without a doubt the fastest summer of all time, passing by in the blink of an eye. We've really done absolutely nothing of great excitement over the past 60 days yet it seems like we've been moving non-stop since the start of summer break in moment after moment of fun. Here's a peek at some of the activities that we take part in since my last post.

1. Attempts at skiing, tubing, and swimming at the club with friends (twice).

2. Birthday party festivities for two of the sweetest kids you'll ever meet.

3. Boating on the river with friends. It was here that we realized quite quickly that this heat advisory meteorologists had been forecasting was no joke. Heat index in the triple digits with a UV index of "stay in the house, fool"? Yes, let's spend eight hours on the water!

4. Another week of swim lessons with the final outcome of two very happy girls promoted to the next level. The difference in their swimming skills - especially Shortcake - was quite evident. Way to go, girls!

5. During the week when half of the country turned into the Sahara Desert, we spent the majority of our time indoors. Trips to the dollar theater for a viewing of Rio, naps, TV time, and play-doh helped pass the time. Half way through the week The General catered to the girls' request of learning to play a new board game. Over the course of three days the girls learned the pain of parting with money, the art of trading, and the glory of bleeding their father dry one well placed property at a time.

6. Girls night out with my sisters-in-law. Pedicures, Mexican food & margaritas, and lots of laughs. I only wish we could do it more often!

7. Splashtastic day at Splash Valley Aquatic Center with friends and family.

9. Lots and lots of trips to various bathroom facilities. During the summer one thing is certain: when you surround yourself with water based activities, if Punkin is along you will spend a significant portion of your day standing outside a bathroom stall.

And as you can see, we spend a lot of time participating in water based activities. Punkin likes to be prepared at all times in case a call to water comes when we least expect it.

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Grama JG said...

I feel the General's pain in that board game "Mono-poly". When Mitch's sister was 8 and we were in NJ on vacation, she wanted to know "what's that game Mono-poly"?
So, I taught her what it was and she beat the pants off me on the very first game we played!! Now Little Missy (her daughter) beats me even worse. What's with those 8 year olds??!!


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