Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Gizmo is a genius with extrordinary language skills for a not-yet two year old. The only thing more extraordinary is Gonzo's hair. It is even more magnificent in its grandeur in real life than pictures are able to capture. A perfect mix between Kate Gosselin's former look and the Snookie poof, with the softness of pure silk and the intoxicating smell of baby shampoo. I would steal them both if I didn't think their Grama Poke would tackle me in protest within feet of the front door.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to sneak a peek tomorrow. We'll be in D town tomorrow. Gramma Poke

Grama JG said...

Gizmo must have been so excited...she's been saying "Shortcake" "Punkin" "Short-cake" "Punkin" for days getting ready for her big trip!! I just hope that Punkin danced for her...she loves that cha-cha-cha video!
What gorgeous girls...the Gramas Poke must be so proud!!! Grama JG is still waiting for a visit from Shortcake and Punkin to MN!!


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