Friday, June 3, 2011

What I Learned Yesterday

Tru Stories' girls are angels.

I'm not calling Tru Stories a liar because I know better than anyone that even the wildest imagination could not make up stories as hilarious as these kids provide all on their own, but I will say that Tink and Coco were models of innocence and sweetness during their time at our house yesterday.

Coco didn't even attempt to eat one gross thing although she did wolf down a second helping of mac and cheese like she was auditioning for a Coney Island Speed Eating Contest. The girl really let me down for bloggable material.

Thanks for coming over to play yesterday, girls. Our house is a little less sparkly today without your cute faces peeking around the corner.


Tru Stories said...

Thanks so much for watching them!! They were happy but exhausted when I picked them up.
And not even 30 minutes into their brother's baseball game... Coco first licked and then nibbled on an umbrella.
It must have been killing her to act normal at your house!

The Page Turner said...

I have seen Coco not eat stuff before. It can happen when she is inside and caught up playing with toys. It could also be that she licked something and you just missed it. It would be impossible for her to go all day without at least licking out of joy. She was a major mess at the baseball game. I am happy to know she can "normal" up when she needs to.


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