Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Warrior Dash

Due to excessive pre-race stretching and post-race mud covered hands, my picture taking at Saturday's Warrior Dash was minimal. For a full recap and multiple pictures, I will direct you to Tru Stories where she has posted several pictures that fully embody the level of mudiness one encounters after signing their name on that one page waiver of participation.

As for a narrative about my Warrior Dash experience, I will just say this. Back in February I thought the idea of entering a race that basically amounts to an extreme 5K with a group of friends and family sounded like a hell of a lot of fun. Four days prior to the event, after viewing the updated race course and obstacles, I started fielding phone calls and text messages that amounted to me feeling as though 1) this idea was monumentally stupid and 2) a significant portion of my social circle - including my own husband - may very likely shun me completely and refuse to ever talk to me again.

Following running the course race organizers claimed would be responsible for "the craziest frickin' day of [my] life," I am happy to say that not only did my fellow participants admit they had a fun time but they also almost unanimously agreed that they were excited to participate in next year's event as well. The crowning achievement? The General's statement declaring "I guess this day didn't suck after all".

Thanks, friends, for what was definitely the funnest frickin' race of my life.


Tru Stories said...

I'll take General's statment to mean, he is no longer mad at me.

Doc said...

That race was crazy fun!! This idea was even better than the 1/2!! Sign us up for next year!!

Big Boca Bob said...

Looks like you had a blast! Next up? Urbanathlon in Chicago October 15th! Check it out! Less crawling through mud and more climbing over buses but super fun nonetheless! :)


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