Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summertime Friends, The Second Generation

Dear Tru Stories & Coach,

Please don't fret. Your daughters are having a wonderful time, well supervised by me and my oldest daughter who has some serious lapses in judgment in terms of what constitutes appropriate personal space when it comes to Coco. They are currently enjoying a late night snack and feature film. Tink has declared that our television is huge and wants one just like it at her house.

Also, don't be concerned that their outfit changes are a reflection of weak bladders and/or diaper blowouts. When I instructured my own children to put on their pajamas, a shadow of sadness immediately crossed over Tink's face when she realized that all of her own pajamas are at her house (which she reminded me no less than three times is very far away from our house). Luckily I have a veritable warehouse of girl clothing sizes newborn to 4T in my garage, and I was able to remedy her sadness with ease. Coco couldn't be left out so I made sure to raid the 2T bin while I was at it. Please do not hold me responsible if Tink refuses to wear anything else for the rest of the summer.

If the sounds of their screams of glee and happiness since they were dropped off earlier tonight is any indication, I'd say Summer of Fun is in full effect.


The Page Turner said...

Those are some cute little girls!

Tru Stories said...

The Pajamas are a HUGE hit. They came running in the house to show them off. I am sure Tink will try to wear the silk pants to school in the Fall.
And not to worry, lots of people are confused about personal space when it comes to Coco. But that's ok... she loves hard.
Last: Tink is not happy about the distance between houses. You need to start looking in our town. It's really the best one, anyway.


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