Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pieces of Babyhood Literally Falling Away

At the campground over Memorial Day weekend, I was sitting at the table with Cari oohing and ahhing over adorable crocheted infant hats and other assorted precious accessories courtesy of the glory of Etsy. Suddenly Punkin burst in through the door announcing, "My toof! It's LOOSE!". I wanted to be as excited as she was. I really did. But as my sister-in-law sat across from me shopping for her (still baking) newborn baby girl I had to work really hard not to let the tears flow as my baby girl reached yet another milestone cementing the fact that she is growing up way too fast.

The following text exchange took place shortly after between The General and me:

Me: E just discovered her tooth is loose. :(
Him: Uh oh
Me: I'm trying not to be emotional about it.
Him: Haha
Him: She is 5
Him: Ken was 5
Me: you're not helping
Him: Sorry

Last night while the girls were at their sleepover right around 9:30 the phone rang; it was Punkin calling with a very exciting announcement.

Was it better than I wasn't there to witness one of the last pieces of babyhood falling away? Probably. I'm not sure she would have appreciated me bringing down her excitement level with my uncontrollable tears.

My baby girl, growing up right before my very eyes. Luckily I had that little tantrum she decided to throw followed by a solid afternoon nap today to remind me that there's still just a little bit of that feisty infant's personality hidden in her five year old frame.

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you can call me al said...

Congratulations, Punkin! We're so excited for you!


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