Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Extended Family Day At Stevenson Pool

In an attempt to continue the trend toward creating a "Summer of Fun" (as dubbed by Tru Stories), the girls and I loaded up the vehicle and headed south to beat the heat by the pool where I spent a significant portion of my childhood summers. Although the following pictures may indicate otherwise, I would like to assure everyone that all children in our care were properly monitored and supervised based on age and swimming ability. The reason you won't see either Tru Stories, The Bride, or me pictured is because there is a hard and fast rule when it comes to swimming pictures - get the kids, but if you value your life you'll leave the adults out. You may also notice the pictures are a little bit Coco heavy while totally neglecting the two boys who were present. This can be explained with two reasons: first, Coco is incredibly photogenic and impossibly cute making it nearly impossible to restrain from obsessively taking pictures of her and secondly, when I'm at the pool I only take pictures from where I'm comfortably seated. The Kid and Warhol's boy (seriously, after One, Two and Three I never remember who is what number) were no where near me thus no pictures of them.

Mom, you'll enjoy this little story about the picture of your granddaughters taking a snack break. Tru Stories turned to me just after the first swim break and asked if I was planning on taking my kids to get snacks at any point. I causally pointed behind her to where our girls were enjoying their peanut butter crackers and Capri Suns brought from home at which point Tru Stories declared, "Oh, you're one of those moms". I then delved deep into one of the tragic stories of my childhood, explaining how I deprive my girls the joy of the pool snack bar just as my mother did to me so many years ago. Of course, the difference between the generations is that after their snack the girls were still hungry and I didn't have the luxury of telling them to walk across the street to Gramma's house and get a popsicle out of the freezer. El Paso's a little bit of a hike compared to Morgan Street. So an hour later it was nachos and popcorn from the snack bar.

This girl melts my heart.

This is Warhol's girl, Number Mid-Way Between One and Thirteen. She brought Coco as to show and tell. It's a classic story, and if you haven't read about it you should really check in to Tru Stories to check it out.

An elusive smile caught on camera from Tink. I could listen to her talk all day long. Also noted today: she may be tiny but Homegirl don't fool around when someone dumps water on her head as a fun gesture. She is capable of giving a look that stops you dead in your tracks. Just ask Punkin.

Swimming Progress Report 2011: Shortcake still swims like her butt is made of lead, but I see improvements! She's really more adept at underwater propulsion than your more traditional freestyle. She's braver each year so maybe this will be the year that things click.

As for Punkin (not pictured individually in action because she looked a little extra ridiculous in all of her swimming poses), she still swallows about as much water as humanly possible as proven by four bathroom breaks in three hours which isn't even close to her pool record of once every fifteen minutes over a three hour span. However, we made it through the day without one puking incident! I was a little gun shy after she coughed to the point of gagging when she took in too much water - on a SLIP N SLIDE for the love of God - over the weekend, but victory was ours today. However, we've been invited to a day at the beach tomorrow so to say I'm still holding my breath over the possibility for disaster by the lake is an understatement. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on Punkin Pool Puke Watch 2011.

Thanks to The Bride and the crew from Tru Stories for braving the wild atmosphere of a public pool on the hottest day of the year to date. We're glad you were able to share the day with us! JD in GC and ABT, we wish you could have joined us - let's find another day when you're free soon!


Anonymous said...

We made it to the pool in GC before Wrestling camp for a few hours...and I'm "one of those mom's" too....I totally took pretzel nuggets, cheese nips, and capri suns!!
We will see you in Dwight soon!

Anonymous said...

Aww, what fun! And we did a double-dip today - after swim lessons in one neighbor's pool, we scammed some pool time in another neighbor's pool.

Have fun at the beach, Mrs!


The Page Turner said...

Love the pictures. Never too many Coco pictures for me. Glad to hear you made it a day without Puke. Seriously? The slip and slide! Love it. People these stories cannot be made up.

Tru Stories said...

The very best part of this post???
Tink wearing her swimmies while eating her chips. And she actually had me tighten them, before she started eating.

We wouldn't want to drown in the snack area.

The Bride said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Bride said...

Thanks for a great afternoon in the sun! I can't resist these cute lil sweethearts!! Also, THANK YOU for not posting any pictures of the adults :)
As for the hundred other splashing, yelling, pool toy throwing hooligans at the pool... BUZZ OFF! Can't the see I'm trying to enjoy my summer away from children!?


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