Friday, June 10, 2011

Conversations From The Backseat

Scene: Wednesday morning, in the car on the way to the beach.

Shortcake: Mom, I have a bump on the top of my mouth.

The Mrs.: Oh really? Did you burn it on your oatmeal this morning?

Shortcake: No, it was there yesterday!

Punkin: I think you have a baby in yo tummy.

The Mrs.: Wha . . .

Shortcake: Punkin, that's not how babies get in your tummy.

Punkin: I know dat, Shortcake. It's a mystuwy how babies get in dey-uh.

The Mrs.: (silence, hoping someone changes the subject quickly)

Shortcake: It's not a mystery. God puts babies in mommies' tummies!

Punkin: No, Jesus put me in my mommy's tummy.

Shortcake: Mom, who's right? Does God or Jesus put babies in mommies' tummies?

The Mrs.: (sweating slightly) Um, well, they both do. They sort of work together.

Punkin: Yeah! It's like they use teamwuhk.

Shortcake: Yeah! One of them does the work while the other one cheers, "Go! Go! Do it! Do it!".

The Mrs.: (dying a million tiny deaths, alternating between stifling uncontrollable giggling and praying to both God and Jesus giving thanks that at that exact moment we were arriving at our destination bringing an end to this conversation.) Um, yeah. Something like that. Oh look, we're here!

*end scene*

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Tina said...

This. Is. Outstanding. How you didn't laugh is amazing to me.


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