Monday, May 9, 2011

White People Can't Dance

At our last family gathering it was the saga of the stuck-in-the-mud electric car that captured our attention for what seemed like hours.

Yesterday, the electric car was still a pivotal part of the day's entertainment but the true gut busting moments were courtesy of the sight of a dozen young children lined up on either side of a country road breaking out in the latest dance craze to hit the nation (or maybe just our isolated section of the world) every time the car drove past.

Everybody now. Let's Move Like Bernie!

And for those of you so out of the loop that you're not down with the latest and greatest to hit the dance scene since the dawning The Macarena, here's a video straight out of P-Town to give you a better idea of the intricate movements. Study closely to perfect before trying them in public, and if you need a one-to-one instructional session I suggest you contact one of Doc's kids. Homies got those moves down.

I still don't really get it (because I'm old, I suspect), but The Commissioner was right about one thing. It just never stopped being funny. Even the FS truck that received the Movin' Like Bernie sendoff gave it a two honk salute!

Thank goodness for The Commissioner and his tree hugging heart. Not only is he saving the world one energy efficient vehicle at a time, but he's also doing the nearly impossible task of making family events even more entertaining. I can't wait to see what Christmas has in store for us. Sledding behind the car perhaps? I'll bring the hot chocolate!


Easy Rider said...

Bahahahah! The Bernie is classic and completely appropriate in all social situations.

Flag Girl said...

Easter...... And now mothers day!
Funny Stuff!!! And watching the oldest cuz on your side NOT run to save her brothers life!

Big Boca Bob said...

One word. Awesome. I like to think my family gatherings are pretty unique, but I do believe an electric car and The Bernie may have us beat! Anyone in the fam looking to adopt a pretty cool Mexican girl?....I could show 'em how we women of color can really get our groove on.

The Mrs. said...

Bob, you're already a big hit in the family courtesy of your hilarious blog posts. I've seen your dance moves, and I'm pretty sure you would blow their minds with the awesomeness.

Thanks for reminding me of that priceless moment, Flag Girl. Hilariousness at every turn.

The Page Turner said...

That looks like a great day!


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