Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love Is In The Air?

Every afternoon, Shortcake exits her school, quickly locates her school bus, and cheerfully chats with friends for the 10 minute ride to the babysitter's house where her sister excitedly anticipates her return (partly because she loves her Big Sis but mostly because the arrival signifies the end of nap time). There are several children her age who ride the bus to the same neighborhood, and I learned tonight it appears as though she's made a special connection with one of them as the year as progressed.

Oh, and in case you totally ignored the title of this post, you have probably figured out that the "special connection" is with a B-O-Y.

Upon arriving at the sitter's tonight, I observed Punkin playing with sidewalk paint, our babysitter's little girl yelling angrily from the house, our sitter carefully supervisng her charges, and Shortcake with a smile as big as I've ever seen riding a bike along the sidewalk behind a blonde haired boy on a bike of his own. Our sitter walked toward me as I got out of my car and smiled as she said, "I think Shortcake might have a little crush on that boy. No, I KNOW Shortcake has a crush on that little boy!". Watching Shortcake giggle madly as she rode the too-small-for-her bicycle back and forth on the sidewalk, following him every time he made a turn, brought about instant mixed emotions. I experienced simultaneous thoughts of "Awww, isn't that cute!" and "That's not cute at all, GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!". Admittedly the kid is adorable and seems as nice as a seven year old boy can be. He appears to come from a good home if the state of his house is any indication of parenting abilities, and he did have a smile that melted even my own guarded and suspicious heart at first glance.

But the sight of Shortcake almost deliriously chasing after him in a love sick fashion? Ugh. I am so not ready for that. And would you like to know what else I'm definitely not ready for? Both of my daughters pining after the same boy as I quickly learned after feeling a wave of nausea when they yelled sing-song farewells in unison from the open car windows in a style reminiscent of classic school girl infatuation. How's that FOID card registration coming along, General?


Anonymous said...

Is his name Charlie? Gramma Poke

The Page Turner said...

This blog is just going to get better and better. You are going to need to get used to crushes. You girls are sooo adorable.

Tina said...

That is outstanding! I fear for the day that my girls do the same thing. I'm glad I can learn from you. :)

Tru Stories said...

For quite some time now, our girls have argued over several of the same boys. The neighbor boy is a constant... but ocassionally it may be a Duffy boy, Dt, maybe Reider...
actually, it's pretty much any boy Tink ever speaks too. Then Coco is immediately interested. High school is gonna be super fun in this house.


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