Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's No Ticket To Oprah, But I'm Still Insanely Happy Tonight

We've been having a bit of a septic issue here at Casa de One Carbon Hill. The first relatively simple remedy initially appeared to have done the job. Not long after our return from the weekend away it was revealed that such was not the case.

I won't go into details, but the words "failed septic field" were thrown around. Exploratory probing was the suggested next step at a significant price tag just to hopefully pinpoint the source of the problem. Estimated cost to fix hypothesized problem was enough to, as my dad said, probably knock off six months of my life given the degree to which I was stressing. I spent most of Monday alternating between states of moderate nausea and mild sobbing.

A second opinion was called in based on a suggestion and gut instinct two days before our yard was set to be destroyed. Verdict from the second professional: the source of our sluggish system appears to be a blocked intake pipe. Cost to fix: a price so significantly less than the other option it literally made me dizzy with happiness. We cancelled The Big Dig and enthusiastically invited Professional Number Two tom come back this afternoon to see if his preliminary diagnosis was correct.

I am almost out-of-my-mind-with-giddiness to report that tonight I have flushed my toilets, emptied a sink full of water, and washed a load of clothes without any sign of painfully slow drainage, gurgling of water, or poo backup in the tub. I might not get to experience the joy of receiving a ticket to Oprah, but I have a strong suspicion that this euphoric state I'm flying in right now is pretty stinking close to how Tru Stories was feeling last night.

Hey, if I disclosed dollar amounts you'd understand.

Disclosure: I've lived with and loved The General long enough to know I should not to be too optimistic just yet (on the flip, he's trying hard to see the bright side of dark situations - yin and yang, baby). I'm still holding my breath with each and every flush for at least the next two weeks, crossing my fingers that this near crisis is behind us. *hee hee . . . behind* Also, The General and I have unofficially declared ourselves as Septic Tank Maintenance Spokespeople. Have you had yours pumped lately?


The MC said...

What is it with you bloggers and your toilet issues?

The Page Turner said...

Sad to think while we were on our Oprah high, you were in your septic low. Glad it "came out" ok. By the way, love a blog that uses the words probed and pumped, If need be, I could try to schedule a positive vibe session at your home.

dennis said...

the great flood of 07 pushed my neighborhoods brown sharks out my basement toilet.

Munchkin said...

dennis - i just threw up in my mouth

mrs. - i think we may need to put a time limit on how long you can leave up a poo post as the first post you see


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