Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Learned Today

The good news: It appears as though Munchkin is not solely to blame for the patch of grass that refuses to grow on the spot just outside the door of our back porch.

The bad news: I know this because I have now seen with my very own eyes the exact location of our septic tank.

The really bad news: The reason I now know of the location is because a man is currently trying to reach this tank in an effort to find out why our toilets won't flush.

Pray for me.


Tru Stories said...

Trust me,
I feel your pain, sista.

Munchkin said...

ahh the feeling of sweet sweet innocence...

The MC said...

General and Mrs.

this is why we need to go halvies on a nice backhoe

The Page Turner said...

Why amongst all millions of cousins is there not a plumber?

Tina said...

Yikes. Hope it's not too serious!


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