Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Turn To Join The Open Letter Campaign

Dear Oprah,

I just finished watching my DVRed episode of your show, an event that has become a nightly ritual as I make supper (or thaw pre-made frozen dinners if we're being technical) for my family over the last year. Today among your guests was Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike. A life long fan and wearer of Nike running shoes, I watched your interview in awe of the empire he has created from meager beginnings in the trunk of his car with co-founder Bill Bowerman. This company is beyond innovative in every respect, and I will proudly wear their product from head to toe on Saturday as I run in my first half-marathon (an event which I find motivation by saying to myself "If Oprah can do it, I can do it!").

That being said, I will not pretend that I didn't fight down feelings of raw jealousy as your viewers were treated to two state of the art Nike products. Oh how that watch would be wonderful for tracking my time and miles! Hearing cheers of encouragement coming from the device on my wrist would have been like having my OWN little Oprah audience standing ovation at each mile marker. And those shoes - I think they would magically cure all residual knee and ankle pains that plague me mid- and post-run. I think the mystical aura those shoes certainly possess would have performed miracles, even making an enthusiastic runner out of Tru Stories.

But alas, I guess now we will never know. This moment has passed - like those moments of the 24 years prior - and now we're just left with regret, sadness, increasing anxiety at the possibly of a lost dream, and growing bitterness. My knees, those which will probably someday be arthritic and possibly artificial courtesy of years of abuse due to the constant pounding of foot to pavement, will continue to swell, throb, creak, and ache despite the wonderful fit and comfort of my slightly inferior Pegasus 27s. Tru Stories will continue to lace up her walking/jogging shoes at irregular intervals, mumbling phrases of great disdain for this sport which she is forced to participate in two times a year despite her immense dislike of the entire idea. You could have made her a runner today, Oprah. If she had been in your audience today - surrounded by your glow and light, tightly clutching her new gifts of fitness - I just know that hearing the words "I just started running again" would have made her a believer.

We now bear the heavy burden of putting a visit to your show on each of our Bucket Lists. And if this wasn't painful enough, we are going to be left with the reality of watching our mothers live the rest of their lives without their Oprah fix. Do you realize that part of the reason my brother and I survived childhood is because of the sage advice my mom garnered from the various child rearing experts you have had on your stage? There's no telling where we would be without you and your panel of experts!

I'm not asking for gifts or trips or spa getaways or the newest technology (although I won't turn them away either if you insisted as I wouldn't want to appear rude). I'm only asking - nearly begging - you to bring us into your home. Let us breathe in the aura that is The Oprah Winfrey Show. This weekly sweepstakes your show is offering is my last ditch effort, and I ask that you don't hold it against me that I checked no for the free trial episode of O Magazine and kindly consider making the dreams of this small town girl (and the dreams of a big city turned small town girl and the mothers who tended to their every need when they weren't watching your show) come true.

The Mrs.


Tru Stories said...

It's just starting to make me sad.

The Page Turner said...

Here's the thing: We are not just losing a big dream of going to her show. We are losing Oprah. Don't talk to me about OWN. I don't have it. This is a new Oprah. One that you have to pay extra to watch. The Oprah I know comes into all our homes. What will Tru Stories & I talk about when I drive home from work. What will she watch when she is ignoring her children after school. What will I watch when I ignore my husband when I get home? Right, there are no answers. I feel deflated. I think we all know, it is basically over. Even I could not write an essay on why I needed to see Chaz Bono. Time for a reality check.

Dale said...

PICK US PICK US!! I saw this show yesterday and thought of you especially when the watch came out; It would be a dream come true to go to her show...Send this blog post to her producers. Maybe, just maybe she could make our day! Mom

Yellow was a great color for those shoes!


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