Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Only Doing This Because I'm So Happy The Kresls Are Back To Blogging

I am . . . a worrier.

I want . . . my daughters to someday know how much I love them; they are the most wonderful, amazing people I have ever known and to this day it amazes and humbles me that they are ours.

I have . . . everything I always wanted (minus the title of multi-millionaire lottery winners).

I wish . . . we were debt free.

I hate . . . mean people.

I fear . . . The General or the girls getting really sick or injured.

I hear . . . the girls giggling together; it is my favorite sound in the world.

I search . . . for balance.

I wonder . . . if it ever truly gets easier.

I regret . . . letting friendships take a back seat in the midst of a busy life.

I love . . . my husband more now than ever.

I ache . . . for families of small children undergoing unimaginable medical procedures.

I always . . . could take a nap.

I usually . . . leave baskets of clean laundry (folded or unfolded) in the living room for days.

I am not . . . confident in myself or my abilities.

I dance . . . in the kitchen with the girls. Or when drinking with friends.

I sing . . . at school, when running, in the car, while cooking or washing dishes, at church, absentmindedly throughout the day even though most of the time I don't know half of the words to the song I'm singing.

I never . . . thought a little over a year after a phone call from a friend that set this whole thing into motion that I'd be this close to completing a half-marathon.

I sometimes . . . wish we lived in our hometown.

I cry . . . almost every day, usually a happy cry after watching a "feel good" moment on TV. Shows about childbirth, Disney movies, and Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode do me in every time.

I lose . . . my patience with the girls much too often and way too easily.

I am grateful . . . for our jobs that provide.

I need . . . a massage.

I should . . . really just put that laundry away as soon as I'm done folding it.

You're next . . . Tru Stories, Munchkin, Tina, Big Boca Bob, and Meghann!


Anonymous said...

I love ya, Mrs!

Tru Stories said...

You spelled Warrior wrong.
And frankly, I could barely read the sweet sentiments written after that first line, because of the panic attack, blurred vision and shaking hands that result from seeing/hearing or reading ANYTHING to do with that stupid, stupid race.

Doc said...

I feel: you ARE strong, confident, beautiful, courageous, determined, and a loving mother & wife (just a few in no particular order).

As for the have 3 other people in the house to help put it away!!!

you can call me al said...

Well said, Doc. I'll second that.

Tru Stories said...

Not everyone's children, love to do chores without asking... like your perfect kids.

Anonymous said...

I Love You...Mom

tlk said...

Until your admission of leaving clothes in a basket in the living room for days I always thought of you as a "better than". You know, someone who truly is better than everyone else I know. Now your just a regular married mother of two to me. My world is now crashing down around me.


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