Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Think I've Pinpointed The Cause For The Decline Of Society

Today I attended a conference in Elk Grove Village, a community 61.1 miles from our tiny little town. Today's commute was approximately 60.1 miles farther than my typical morning drive to work. The drive was relatively smooth sailing for the first 30 miles or so, but the final 30 were filled with nothing but mild panic and frustration. The stop-and-start driving, when combined with blinding sun and an hour earlier wake-up to accommodate the commute time left me with a rise in blood pressure, respiration, and stress. Not even a long running playlist of hit after hit could keep me in my happy place. Given the number of drivers I sat beside this morning and afternoon, I can only deduce that if even half of those drivers were feeling similarly I might have very well discovered the reason why the 10 o'clock news is filled with nothing but doom and gloom.

That being said, I will admit that I'm not sure I can tie the budget crisis or environmental disasters to long commute times, but if I were to have to make that trip again I'm sure I'd have more than enough time to think up a reasonable correlation.

This video shown today as a visual aid during the conference does give me a glimmer of hope that there's still good in the world. I just want to give this kid a big, fat hug, and judging from the way Punkin just laughed watching this same video I'd venture to guess she's a big fan, too.

(Apraxia or no? That is the question.)


The Page Turner said...

I love the song. Started my morning with a smile. Might help my daily 60 mile commute. I do not deal with traffic jams!

Tina said...

That video melted my heart.

And yes, driving to Elk Grove sucks. We used to live off of 355 and I did the hour commute - no fun at all!


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