Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fives Steps to Today's Easter Entertainment

1. Easter Egg Hunting

2. Playing with cousins

3. Blowing Bubbles

4. Eating chocolate (or at least what we hope was chocolate)

5. Watching a group of men dislodge a go-cart electric car from a newly-created-thanks-to-the-recent-monsoon-like-rains mud pit.

Not to worry though! After much deliberation on the best method of extraction, the car made it out intact to a response of great approval from the rapt audience.


Tru Stories said...

Chocolate Ring around mouth +
Dongers Dingers Tshirt =
Classy little 4 yr old.

And maybe poor parenting.

The Page Turner said...

All the blogs have the cutest pictures tonight!


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