Friday, April 22, 2011

An Earth Day Conversation

On the way home from Joliet, passing by the Mobile Refinery (or The Cloud Factory as Punkin refers to it) led to a very crude* explanation of the actual purpose of that factory as well as the following Earth Day appropriate discussion:

(*I am very punny)

Punkin: There's the cloud factowy!

Shortcake: Punkin, that is smoke and it is very bad for the Earth.

Punkin: Why?

The Mrs.: Because it's a type of air pollution. It makes the air that we breathe dirty.

Shortcake: Yes, that is pollution and it's bad for the air. And smoking is very bad for your body. So Daddy should quit smoking.

Punkin: Daddy doesn't smoke. Only Ewik smokes.

Shortcake: (looks out the window, deep in thought)

The Mrs.: Shortcake, do you think Daddy smokes?

Shortcake: (giggling) I don't know.


Shortcake: But what are those Camel things he has?

The Mrs.: What do you think they are?

Shortcake: Smoking things?

The Mrs.: Well, I think I'll let Daddy explain it to you. You'll have to ask him about it.

Shortcake: Okay. But are they smoking things?

The Mrs.: Yes.

Shortcake: So Daddy smokes?

The Mrs.: You'll have to ask him.

Punkin: You know what else is weally bad for da Ewath?

The Mrs.: What?

Punkin: Mean people.

(end scene)

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Tina said...

Mean people suck, Punkin. You're right.


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