Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clearly Their Exposure To Ethnic Cuisine Is Limited

Shortcake: What are we having for supper tonight?

The Mrs.: Well, since it's already 6 pm I thought I'd just get you guys McDonald's.

(joyous cheering from the backseat)

Shortcake: But what are you going to eat, Mommy?

The Mrs.: I'm going to stop in here and get Chinese food.

Shortcake: What kind of food do they have there?

Punkin: Tacos.

The Mrs.: No, Punkin, they do not serve tacos at Chinese restaurants.

Shortcake: So what DO they serve?

Punkin: Tortillas.


The Page Turner said...

You are not feeding your children Chinese food yet? That is very UnAmerican.

The MC said...

I'm pretty sure a guy named Carlos owns that place.

Big Boca Bob said...

If Punkin is correct, then it's always Chinese night at my house!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Reminds me of Blaine telling me the pastor at preschool spoke French. She was really speaking English with a South African accent.

parker said...

haha! That girl cracks me up!! Instead of "amish day", maybe you should have and "ethnic Cuisine day"?

Coach said...

I don't think I had Chinese till I was out of college, but now I really want some Taco Bell.


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