Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I Learned Today

  1. Louisville really knows how to screw up bracket. Can I get an amen, Munchkin & George?
  2. I have finally found an advantage to these twenty added pounds post high school graduation: I'm a lot less likely to be thrown around by cross winds on a run through the country.
  3. However, those twenty additional pounds also make me less wind resistant and therefore more easily winded. Four miles in 20 mpw gusts is processed by the body as a solid ten mile effort, I'm sure of it.
  4. I know I'm late to the scene, but I'm currently loving me some Mumford & Sons.
  5. Hearing your almost five year old utter the phrase, "Oh, that's so woMANtic!" is equal parts hilarious and unsettling.
  6. Our girls definitely embrace their Irish heritage although I had to remind them both of their lineage when it became apparent to me that despite having this conversation multiple times before they had forgotten that the Emerald Isle is deep in their DNA. Today's holiday was celebrated joyfully as evidenced by Punkin's shriek of jubilation at the sight of her St. Patrick's Day shirt and Shortcake's demonstration of Irish dancing a la Riverdance in Berkot's produce aisle this evening.
Slainte to you and yours, dear friends!


Munchkin said...


Anonymous said...

I would have LOVED seeing the dance! Gramma Poke

Tina said...

That's why you pick upsets like Morehead State and Richmond! (Too bad I didn't get my picks in early enough for the challenge!)

Munchkin said...

it took me 19 hours and 25 minutes to realize you used "what i learned today"


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