Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Day Five

The girls and I are currently on what I'm fondly referring to as our "White Trash Spring Break Get Away". In a flash of what I considered pure genius, I decided that we'd travel 20 minutes north to the nearest "big town" for an overnight stay at a hotel. Who doesn't love to stay at a hotel (clue: The General, that's who)? The brilliance didn't lie so much in the hotel stay as it did in the idea that we'd be able to use the indoor pool to our heart's content. With lazy summer days lounging poolside still so far into the future, I thought the girls would get a kick out of a day of swimming. Their initial reactions upon hearing the plan indicated that I was a strong front runner for Mother of the Year.

This afternoon we loaded up my vehicle, checked in, and were in the pool before 2 pm. Two hours later, I escorted my smiling daughters back to our room (equipped with a king sized bed so we could all cuddle together as they so often request upon bedtime). And that's about where the crown and glory slowly started slipping away.

Who doesn't love staying in a hotel? Second clue: Punkin, that's who.

Following showers the girls relaxed with a snack while watching some quality children's programming (because it's allowed today, you know). About forty-five minutes after gleefully exiting the pool I got a very grim faced announcement from Punkin: "This is not weawy vewy much fun". This attitude continued straight through dinner; not even the magical marionette show at R-Place lifted her out of her funk. Instead of being mesmerized by the short performance as I remember being the first time I saw it, she turned to me with a look of absolute disgust and simply stated, "Dis does not make me happy". About the only thing that did make her happy during the entire meal was the bacon that accompanied her french toast serving as just one more indicator that she is most definitely her father's daughter.

The overall mood improved upon returning to the hotel, thanks in no small part to the donning of pajamas and dessert of pudding, I'm sure. Snuggling in together for our weekly viewing of Survivor set us all firmly back on the right track. I knew from the exhausted look on my baby's face that the two hour swimming event just flat wore her out; her mood is always less than pleasant when she's tired.

Was this trip all I had dreamed it would be? Probably not. I mean, for one I'm sitting in a dark hotel room hunched over a computer not at all ready for bed as the girls are finally asleep nearby. I could have done without the sour puss attitude prompting me to have to give the "maybe you don't think this is fun, but there are little girls out there in the world who don't get to do things like this who would LOVE to stay in a hotel for a night" speech. Plus, it's never fun when I throw out an idea, The General finds it less than wonderful, and then it turns out he was probably right. I'll admit it when I'm wrong but that doesn't mean it stings any less.

But let's find the silver lining. First, I didn't have to cook dinner. That is always a mark on the plus side no matter what the situation. Second, the girls loved having a pool all to themselves and discovered for the first time the awesomeness that is a hot tub. Third, there was no pool puking from any member of my family. WINNING (and knocking on wood)! Fourth, Punkin continually referred to our hotel room as "the apartment" and for some reason that made me laugh every time. Fifth, I learned that Shortcake is my partner in crime for ideas like these that Punkin and The General would rather pass on. Sixth, they are serving all you can eat cinnamon rolls at tomorrow's continental breakfast. Oh yeah.

(One of these days I'm going to start a blog post with the line "So I had this idea one day..." and the ending line is going to say "And that idea I had? EPIC!!!!".)


Munchkin said...

2 blogs in one day? somebody missed their computer during stone age day at och...

Tru Stories said...

Coach and I have had this VERY same idea for our kids (probably at the very same hotel) for nearly 2 years now.... someday soon, when we actually do not have weekend plans... we are totally doing this.
I guess, I never considered just taking off in the middle of the week. For just me and the girls. Genius.
Great mothering. A+.

Flag Girl said...

We did this when One and Three were little to a nearby town, mostly all we could afford at the time! The boys called it "Vacation", and had a blast! But when people would ask where we went on "vacation" it was a bit embarrasing!! Good times!

The Mrs. said...

I did, Munchkin, but the second or two posts in one day was more for something to do while stuck in a dark hotel room!

Do it, Tru Stories. You'll all love the little get away.

And Flag Girl, I thought about that. Shortcake announced today that she's going to share the story of our vacation during show and tell. It was fun but doesn't pack quite the same punch as Disney or Wisconsin Dells...I had I haven't made her a social pariah!

The Page Turner said...

Jay and I did this with the grandkids last year. It was awesome. Tink still talks about it.


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