Thursday, February 3, 2011

We've Been In Pajamas For Three Days

I think it's pretty obvious that cabin fever is starting to set in here at OCH Headquarters taking the form of original songwriting and performance with accompanying interpretative dance.

(Punkin outfit breakdown: too small pink-and-purple-poka-dotted thermal underwear she insists on wearing as pajamas, faux suede brown boots, hair that has not been brushed or styled in 48 hours)

Although the girls are starting to get a little punchy with being housebound since early Tuesday afternoon, I am just fine participating in this little pseudo-hibernation. Judging from my low activity level since the blizzard blew through, I believe I may very well have been a bear in a former life.


Tru Stories said...

This is officially Coach and Tink's favorite movie, ever.
Also, were the too small jammies part of her Britney Spears alter-ego?
If she keeps spittin rhymes like those, she may get to be in Coach's band.

The Page Turner said...

Did I see her on Idol tonight? She was pitchie but I loved the passion. I vote, yes.

AuntieM said...

i hope punkin will apreciate this video in 10 years.....and i can see shortcake working as a model on the price in right


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