Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Thought Of This Singular Conversation Has Had Me Laughing To Myself All Day Long

Last night as The General and I were catching up on the day's happenings before I went to bed and he went off to slay digitally generated enemies on Call of Duty, our conversation turned to baby names. It all started when I announced that our friend and long time OCH reader TLK and his wife welcomed their fourth beautiful baby into the world yesterday. Although they are calling this perfect little bundle of sunshine Maggie, her birth certificate will list her name as Margaret, the same birth name as The General's mom. We then started to discuss a question that I've wondered for years: how in the world do you get the name Peggy from Margaret? Although neither of us could generate a suitable answer to that inquiry, The General stated that his grandma (GG as most of you know her from The Blogs) named her only daughter Margaret because she wanted all of her children to have names from The Bible.* From there the conversation went as follows before quickly dissolving as I collapsed in a fit of laughter:

The Mrs.: Is there a Margaret in The Bible?

The General: I think so.

The Mrs.: Hmmm. *afraid to call out The General on my instinct that there is not because although he and I would both agree that my faith is stronger his, years and years (and years) of Catechism often ends in him stunning me with random knowledge about The Bible*

The Mrs.: Is there an Arthur in The Bible?

The General: Psh. "Who Art In Heaven..." *said in a mock condescending tone with accompanying wicked eye roll*

Some things lose something in the translation from speech to text, and this particular instance is definitely one of them, but I couldn't NOT put it out there. This is a gem of an exchange I want to make sure I document to make sure I never forget it.

*The General retracted this statement soon after second guessing that this hunch was not based in actual fact. Based on my Wikipedia search for Biblical names, I'd say that retraction was probably well placed. Not an Arthur or Margaret to be found anywhere between Genesis and Revelation according to this very scientific web search.


Munchkin said...

i really did laugh out loud....

and i'm totally called GG tomorrow to get the story

christine said...

who art in heaven! hilarious, classy.

Tru Stories said...

I'm gonna have to make sure Grandpa read this. He'll be thrilled to 'have a blog post all about him'.
Also, you should maybe talk to the girls about getting their Dad to church more. Ooorrr... maybe The General could just start meeting me for breakfast, while the rest of my family is in church. I don't make it very often, after Coach explained to me that I can't get into The Good Heaven, anyway.

Doc said...

I believe Father (at the time) made GG and Big Papa baptize her as Margaret even though they wanted to call her Peggy and would never use her baptismal name. How one gets Peggy out of Margaret...I have no idea. But GG doesn't go by her first name either, she goes by her middle name.

The General said...

I was in my 30's before I knew GG's real first name.

Munchkin said...

they were all named after saints


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