Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon Aftermath

Things were looking bleak last night. We lost functional use of our front screen door after it was violently ripped from its wood frame in the height of the storm. Despite my warnings and the advice of all law enforcement and transportation officials, The General drove home through last night's snowstorm only to get stranded two houses away from our own. Around 1:30 am he was forced to brave the elements once more to assist with getting a truck out of a snowbank was they went out to rescue a stranded snowmobiler north of our house. And most frighteningly there were several instances where I was pretty sure the wind was going to blow the roof straight off this joint. But alas, we survived The Blizzard of 2011 relatively unscathed. As with any overnight storm, it's always fun to see what is left behind in the light of day.

This is a picture of the start of the storm from our dining room window taken around 3 pm yesterday. Our driveway had been plowed once already thereby eliminating the already intimidating two foot drift that had developed in front of The General's garage.

Here our neighbor, my new knight in shining armor, comes to our rescue for a second time in less than four hours. This was taken around 7:30 pm, and the blurriness of this pictures can be attributed to the strength of the wind and snow blowing at this point in the evening. When The General called at 9 pm to announce that he was going to drive home, I warned him that entry into the once cleared driveway would be an impossibility. Plows hadn't come by our house since around the time that Tom had last cleared our drive and that insurmountable drift across the front of The General's garage was back in full force.

This afternoon the girls and I went out to play, and these are the pictures that I took from around our house.

The drive way as seen from the dining room window

Back porch. Would anyone fancy to sit a spell for some lemonade and a chat?

Another view from the back porch. The snow drift here is so high you can barely see the swing set.

View from the road, angle one.

View from the road, angle two.

View from the road, angle three. See that black truck down the road? That's The General's vehicle. He had to walk through hip high drifts to get the rest of the way home.

View from the road, angle four.

West side of the house. Snow drifts up to the window!

The strength of the wind took out part of the neighbor's fence.

The other side of the drift seen from the back porch. It was almost taller than Shortcake and made the perfect fort from behind.

This is the back of our house on the north side. In that small pocket is our air conditioning unit which was completely covered.

This is the back of The General's garage where we store firewood for bonfires. The tall propane tanks used to heat the unit in garage are completely covered. You can just see the very top of one to the left of the window.

Casuality of the storm. At 8:00 pm last night we heard a thunderous sound and ran to the front of the house to discover our screen door was pulled from it's attachment in the wood door frame in two places.

More wind damage in the form of loose shingles on The General's garage.

The view from my Snow Angel's perspective. So nice to see you, Mr. Sun!

You might be wondering what the girls were up to while I was doing my best Ansel Adams impersonation. Well, naturally, they were doing what any other kid would do the day after a snowstorm. The were using the snow for barrel rolling, throwing, climbing, building, and lounging!

Much to Shortcake's dismay, school has already been canceled for tomorrow, so we're taking full advantage of our time at home. Lots of movie watching, snuggling under blankets, and lounging on the agenda here at One Carbon Hill, and I'm loving every minute of it!

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