Friday, February 18, 2011

Sharing This Link Because We All Agree Running Posts Are Funny

Have you all checked out my friend Big Boca Bob yet? If not, shame on you. Three Bs is the girlfriend of my sister-in-law's brother. We've weaved a rather intricate family web here between One Carbon Hill, Fifty Below Zero, Munchkinland, and Tru Stories so I'm sure my veteran readers will be able to figure out how that connection works. Anyway, Big Boca Bob started her blog approximately six months ago and if you're not clicking that little link over there on a somewhat regular basis you are missing out. Homegirl is funny as she covers everything from her puppies, new home ownership, life with her main man Officer Bob, siblings and in-laws, an in-depth look into the life of a Mexican, and other assorted gems. She's also one who kicks it up a notch for birthday and anniversary celebratory posts, but most importantly as another individual training for the Illinois Marathon she adds some fun running posts to the mix as well.

Do me a favor and go show Big Boca Bob some love. You won't regret it!


The Page Turner said...

Great! Just what I need. One more stranger's blog to read.

Tru Stories said...

Just what I need... one more blog about running.

Big Boca Bob said...

Crap. I'm actually going to have to shower, and do my hair and make-up today as I'm sure all the adoring fans are going to be camped outside my front door. But in all honesty, Mrs., thanks for the love! I truly enjoy keeping up with the entertaining happenings of the One Carbon Hill family. I just hope I can handle the added pressure of keeping up with you professional bloggers!


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