Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hey, did you hear? There's a blizzard invading our neck of the woods! I wasn't sure if you were all sufficiently notified of the inclement weather due to rock our part of the country for the next 12 hours so I thought I'd use this medium to provide that important public service announcement. And yes, Munchkin, this was especially for you.

Seriously, though, this mother of a weather system is for realz, playas. In what can only be described as a total cluster of an early dismissal announcement, Shortcake was released from school an hour early and both the girls and I were safely tucked into our home by 2:45 pm. Right around 5 pm the wind really started howling, and it hasn't let up since. The house is creaking, the pictures on the walls are rattling, and even with our new windows the drafts coming in the girls' bedrooms is substantial. When I catch a glimpse of what is going on out there by the headlights of some courageous (or moronic, depending on who you ask) traveler driving by our house, I am astounded at the scene. Although I was born in a winter known for its blizzard like conditions, I can't recall any of my own memories of such a weather system, but hot damn! It's insane!

Tonight, I am sending up constant prayers of thanks for a warm home, functioning electricity, sturdy roof (I hope), school cancellations, warm garages to protect our vehicles from the elements, riveting television programming (I'm looking at you, Teen Mom 2), kind neighbors willing to go out in the elements multiple times in an effort to keep our driveway cleared (at least for a short time), abundant food, hot chocolate, Netflix instant streaming, good books, and warm blankets. The only thing we're missing here at One Carbon Hill? The favorite man in all of our lives (okay, and a fireplace for added ambiance).

I'm sending up heavy prayers of safe travels for The General who is currently at work. His shift ends at 10 pm, and although he and I have both assumed that he'll be mandated to work overtime tonight I still worry about his travels home when he's finally released. Will you join me in saying a little prayer for his safe return home and for any others who might be out traveling in this wicked weather?

For now though we're hunkering down. The girls have an exciting slumber party planned tonight, and we have a full day of pajama wearing, book reading, and game playing in store for us tomorrow. Stay safe everyone!


Tru Stories said...

Netflix Instant Streaming is my new Favorite.
oh.. yeh.... and I hope you make it home General.

The Page Turner said...

Prayers sent out for General! With the wind they should make it in seconds! This is crazy, crazy weather.

Tina said...

I am jealous of your snow day. Every time it snows bad here, it's on a weekend!

The General said...

I made it! Thanks guys.

AuntieM said...

glad you made it home General! i know usually once you make it to "the joint" they don't let you back out! over 40 called in yestday at DCC for 7am shift....mostly to prevent being mandated to stay for all the call-offs anticipated on 3-11! warden had already had national guard coming to set up cots in the gym and we were told to come to work in layers and boots because we'd be staying and doing the dreaded "other duties as needed" stuff...yea i left at 11am....no thank you!! so hopefully you will be able to stay home with your family!!!


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