Monday, February 28, 2011

Half Marathon Check-In

Just under nine weeks until the 3rd running of the Illinois Marathon, friends and family!

With many of us signed up to run one of the variety of events being held on that weekend, I'm wondering how everyone is doing in their training programs. Are you following a specific program religiously? Are you combining elements from multiple sources and sort of winging it from there? Have you never heard of a training program and are not silently cursing that moment of pure insanity in which you agreed to participate in this Godforsaken event in the first place?

I got a late start on my training program which catapulted me straight into a DOOM FAIL REVERSE TIME continuum. I've altered the first four weeks of the program I'm using and I feel slightly better about the prospect of getting up to the recommended mileage prior to the race on April 30th. Well, I should say I was feeling better until The General gave me the "That race is in two months?" comment with a look of horror chaser. That combination did little to ease my troubled soul.

The program I'm using is Hal Higdon's novice program for the half-marathon, and although it's about as friendly a program for new or returning runners as I've seen out there I'll admit that I'm having a hard time getting in the designated runs during the week. So far the long weekend runs haven't proved too big of an issue (mostly because I haven't been required to push past my PR for consecutive miles run), but the two to three runs during the week are a little more of a challenge. I don't want to get up early to run (I value sleep above glory), at the end of the work day I often just have a focus on getting the girls home to start Phase II of the day, and after the girls are in bed the thought of walking out of a warm house into a cold garage for a multi-mile run on the treadmill is less than inviting. I've quickly decided that the biggest challenge for me thus far is just getting out the door.

So how is everyone else faring?


Easy Rider said...

Yay to the Mrs! You were my inspiration to get my butt off the couch, you are going to do fantabulous in the half marathon! A lot of my friends have used Jeff Galloway's training schedule.

Keep up the good work!

The MC said...

Even though I'm definitely not doing the half-marathon, I've started a running program. It's a 13 week program, but I can already tell it's going to take me longer than that.

Katie said...

I'm also a Hal girl. Used the schedule for the 3 half-marathons I've done in the past. This time I just altered it - I made it longer (16 weeks) - and increased my mileage sooner to get me up higher.

HOWEVER - always a good reminder not to push it. I went too hard too fast, and I injured my foot! I took about a week and a half off from running, and I'm just easing back in the past week. ANd since I'm going on vacation next week, I'm a little freaked out about how far behind I'll be in my training.

What I've realized is to not freak out about hitting every run on your schedule. Listen to your body. sometimes it's a good thing to give yourself an extended break. You'll come back more refreshed. And I promise - the excitement adn adrenaline on the day of will certainly carry you through :)

Ok. That's my pep talk. I'm such a dork.

Munchkin said...

my legs hurt, my back hurts, my feet hurt, my arms, hurt, i'm so tired....

right on schedule

Big Boca Bob said...

I'm right there with ya, Mrs.! It seems as though I'm faring better with the weekend runs than the weekly monotonous shorter runs. I find that two things are really helping me stay on schedule.

1. I find it perfectly reasonable to consume an extra 500 calories on a "run" day. I need the fuel for running, right? Hello daily ice cream sundae!

2. I use my running play list to channel my inner urban soul. Officer Bob refuses to let me listen to Snoop D-O-Double G on the radio so I sneak it in through my over-sized headphones.

Congrats on everything you have accomplished thus far and good luck on the training that lies ahead. You go girl!

Flag Girl said...

Flag girl is coming to watch! With balloons, and beer, and a possible Hangover....

Munchkin said...

flag girl, are you going to party saturday night? because that would be awesome!!


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