Monday, February 14, 2011

Can You Feel The Love?

For reasons beyond explanation, Shortcake and Punkin were PUMPED about Valentine's Day this year. Both girls practiced their Valentine's greetings several times a solid 24 hours before the actual event, and they warned me that first thing this morning they were going to run into my room screaming "HAPPY VALENTIMES DAY" immediately after opening their eyes (the strategically placed presents just outside their bedroom doors slowed them down on this mission I am happy to report). The girls were thrilled with their little gifts and were equally excited to come home after school to find another surprise left for each of them on their beds from their daddy.

I had a moment tonight where I began to fear that we might be teaching the girls the wrong idea about what Valentine's Day is supposed to celebrate. Have we turned this day of love into just another materialistic, gift giving event? At first they had me worried, but then Shortcake set us all straight once again.

Punkin: (searching her room frantically as I remind her for the eighth time that it is time for bed) I have to find a pwesent to give to Shortcake fo Valentime's Day! I don't know what to give hu!

The Mrs.: Punkin, you don't have to give her anything. Come on, it's time for bed!

Punkin: Oh! I know. I've got the puhfect pwesent. I'm going to give hu one of my wocks.(carefully selecting the smallest of the six rocks sitting on her shelf

Shortcake: Um, Punkin, I don't really want a rock for Valentine's Day. Can you give me something else?

The Mrs.: Shortcake, that's not very nice. She wants to give you something for Valentine's Day because she loves you, and that was very nice of her to give you something that she cares about.

Punkin: Dat's okay. Let me look fo somesing else. I'll just keep my wock in my collection.

Shortcake: Punkin, you don't have to give me anything. You give me a present every day just by being my sister.

The Mrs.: (jaw drops, eyes fill with tears, throat tightens with emotion)

*End Scene*

That right there? Easily in my Top Three Valentine's Moments of All Time.


The Page Turner said...

Nice! If I had a sister, we would totally be like that.

Munchkin said...

i would've said that too if i was staring down the barrel of a rock being my present :)

Parker said...

So, when I first read this I thought..."Oh, that is so nice!"

Then, I read Munchkin's comment and said..."Oh, that is so true!"

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet, but let me tell ya I would never say that to my sister and you know that Mrs..... lol!

your cuz in the Mitten State!


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