Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She's A Mystery. Or A Trainwreck. Either One Works.

At least every other week, on my way for one last kiss before I turn in for the night, I open up the door to Punkin's room and see this:

Despite the comfort, warmth, and adorableness that is her twin bed, for a reason unknown to me Punkin will sneak out of the bed where I lovingly tucked her in to trade a night of sweet slumber for an evening of fitful sleeping bag shut-eye on the cold, hard floor.

Of course, when I go to try to figure her out, I remind myself that this is the same child who unapologetically and without hesitation blamed Jesus for the reason behind why she continues to bite her toenails. Clearly she has bigger issues than I am capable of solving.


The Page Turner said...

Could the family have a contest on who is the oddest children? Tink might not even win.

Tru Stories said...

The Hair eating really keeps Punkin in the lead. But Coco seems to be right on her heels.

flag girl said...

Coco is discusting

Tina said...

That made me laugh really hard! Thanks, Mrs (and Punkin, for being so delightfully funny!).


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