Saturday, January 1, 2011

My One Resolution

I am not a big fan of making resolutions at the start of each new year, mostly because I am notorious for breaking them before the end of January and that just leaves me feeling disappointed and unambitious. Therefore, by not making a resolution in the first place I avoid any of those negative feelings.

However, I have decided to make one for 2011 that I think it well within the realm of achievable. This year I am resolved to take more pictures - of my family, friends, adventures, and even of myself (gasp! horror!). My goal is to take at least one picture every single day documenting a moment in those 24 hours be it simple or elaborate. Armed only with my simple point-and-shoot, very little editing knowledge, and amateur ability we'll see how far this takes me.

Is there any better way to kick this off than with a picture of me with the three people I love more than life itself?

Here's to 2011!


The Page Turner said...

Nice family shot. One for one.

you can call me al said...

I look forward to seeing all of the pictures. Great idea!


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