Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Most Bizarre Wedding Reception Of All Time

Please don't let that post title fool you. Although last night's Recycled Wedding was easily the strangest conglomeration of outfits I've ever witnessed at a reception (and trust me, I've been to more than my fair share of wedding receptions in my lifetime), it was also without a doubt one of the most memorable. Let the following pictures tell the story...

Approximately three hours after the theme for this year was announced at LAST year's event, The General declared that he had an amazing idea for our outfits. I'll admit that I was not sold on the idea, mostly because there was no way I was going to come out looking cute if we went with his vision. Being the devoted wife that I am, though, and hungry for a taste of Best Dressed victory that he had claimed two out of the previous three years I went for it. Things were a little tense during the makeup application process, but in the end I think we pulled off our intended costume design.

Do you have any idea how much team work goes into creating The Bride of Frankenstein? I'll just say that if it wasn't for The General, Jill, and Debbie I wouldn't have made it out the door.

Our friends Val and Jason took the "recycled" portion of the night's theme very "litter"ally. Her creativity at fashioning a dress made of garbage bags, plastic bags from Wal-Mart, shredded paper, and bottle tabs was amazing. Even Jason's garbage bag tie was adorned with a beer tab tie tack, and his handkerchief was equally blinged out with shredded paper and beer tabs. Awesome and eco-friendly!

Upon entering the dance, I became slightly unnerved when I realized that every set of eyes were turned in our direction. It's as if we were some sort of spectacle or something!

Although I quickly learned that being the center of attention in a crowd of 115 people isn't exactly my cup of tea, I did find it amusing when people couldn't even recognize me. Among those that were most baffled by my appearance were our own family members, making it all the more hysterical.

We also quickly learned that The General's vision was severely compromised while wearing the mask, as was his ability to hear and talk in conversational manner. He took that as a reason to spend most of the evening being somewhat anti-social, resorting to head nods and hand motions as a means of communication. Luckily he was able to improvise when it came to snacking on cookies and sipping on beverages.

He also unintentionally fulfilled his duty as That Creepy Guy with his outfit, most notably affecting a normally very focused speech delivering Tru Stories.

One sure thing about a Relay for Life dance is that are bound to be at least a few surprises throughout the evening. This year was no exception, and even the team was surprised by one group's dedication to their outfits. Introducing the Sam 'n Ella's catering service!

This group was comprised of the parents of relay team member as well as a few special guests, and they rightfully walked away with the "Best Wedding Party/Group" award.

Blog stalkers in the house! There's nothing more fun than meeting loyal readers of the blog in real life. I hope One Carbon Hill lived up to all your wildest dreams and imaginations, Old Lady!

Another surprise of the evening was a garter removal contest. It was here that I realized Tru Stories will go to any length to capture the perfect blog worthy picture, even if that means interrupting my attempt to do the same.

The most amazing surprise of them all though was the flash mob dance that brought down the house due to its shear awesomeness. I was honored to have been asked to participate in this moment, and I am not even lying when I tell you that I experienced what can only be described as an out of body experience during the initial moments of our choreographed dance. I do not have video of the dance, but I know there's one roaming around out there (if you're on Facebook, you can find it there). I believe Tru Stories might be posting it on her blog, and I'll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

In the end, the evening was another success. We all had a wonderful time with friends and family in the name of supporting a great cause, and walking away with my first title of Best Dressed didn't hurt either. I guess I should just trust The General's instincts. The guy knows a winner when he sees one!

Now it's on to planning for next year: Hollywood Masquerade! Clear off your calendars for the last weekend in January and start thinking of outfit ideas. You will not want to miss out on this event.


Anonymous said...

When I first looked at the pictures, I didn't recognize you...I think it was the eye brows!! Great costumes and make up!
JD in GC

The Page Turner said...

Your costumes were amazing. It was such a fantastic night. Great pictures.

Tina said...

I don't think I would have recognized you, either! You and the General look great, and it is times like this when I wish we lived closer!

Anonymous said...

You looked great, um, frankenly good? Congrats to you and The General on the win!

Tru Stories said...

I can totally remember the feeling of 'Him' staring at me as I was trying to welcome the crowd.
And after further count...
you probably danced in front of 120-125 people.
And it was AWESOME!!
Still working on getting the video to my blog.

The MC said...

Great costumes!! Glad you had all had a good time -- sorry we missed it!


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