Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's A Pillow, It's a Pet

I refused up and down to buy the girls Pillow Pets despite their urgent pleas. I was so adamant that I knew for certain that not even Santa's sleigh would be dropping those overrated stuffed animals into our home. "They'll never play with them!" I proclaimed. I was quite certain that the very last thing we needed in this house was one more ignored stuffed animal that did nothing more than take up precious space in our less than spacious home.

Lucky for my daughters, their grandmother clearly loves them more than I do and fulfilled their request by gifting them with the pet of their choice, a unicorn and puppy. And wouldn't you know it? It's the toy both girls have played with more than any other among the large inventory of gifts brought into our home this holiday season. Thanks for making my girls happy AND proving me wrong in one fell swoop, mom.


Tru Stories said...

Our Grammy/Uncle J purchased our girls pillow pets. And they are driving me crazy, as they are left all over the house. But Tink actually giggled and clapped with glee over her friend Punkin having the same pet as her! They are the cutest 'friends that keep in touch over their mother's blogs' that I have ever seen!

Tru Stories said...

By the way...
I am now on your blog site for the 4th time today, so that Tink may view the picture of her friend and her matching pillow pet.
If you get excited, because you think your blog had 200 hits today... at least 78% of the visits will be from Tink.


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