Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Okay, I Can Take A Hint

Two of my "in real life" blogging buddies have written posts in the last 24 hours apologizing for their recent lack of posts. Both of them have posted a combined eight times since MY last post yet they refer to themselves as delinquent bloggers blaming illness (feel better, Tru Stories!) and Christmas festivities (Fa la la, Page Turner!). I, on the other hand, have very little to blame my week long absence on other than lack of inspiration and these additional items:
  1. Thanks to the generosity of The MC (and their desire to open up space in their utility room), we are the owners of a new-to-us treadmill. Designed to help with cold weather training for the upcoming half-marathon in April, I've been trying to log some (very slow and sporadic) miles at night after the girls are asleep. This is the time I usually devote to blogging thereby eliminating prime keyboard time.
  2. Going off the list that was told, written, emailed, and placed on his phone in a note app by three different individuals, The General gifted me a Kindle for my birthday last week. Having never actually previewed the device, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy an e-reader enough to warrant the purchase of such a luxury. Aside from missing the ability to visualize how far I read in one sitting or viewing how much farther I have to go, I love my Kindle and have devoted time almost every night to reading for pleasure. Good job, babe!
  3. Speaking of the Big 3-3, I spent last Thursday showered with love from friends and family through just about every mode of communication possible. The General worked hard to make it a special day despite being stuck at work, and I would like to publicly thank him again for his efforts to make my birthday wonderful. It's no easy feat planning a birthday celebration and then count on a four and six year old to execute. From the early morning "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" shouts to the solo serenades (completed twice) over a Rice Krispie treat illuminated by a single candle, it was a memorable day from start to finish.

4. Birthday parties, Christmas shopping, a LONG overdue evening out with friends, and recovering from aforementioned evening also played a contributing factor in the radio silence experienced at the Life and Times.

Hope some of you are still out there!


Tru Stories said...

My plan was to wish you a Very Happy Birthday, on your Birthday Blog post....
Then I resisted the urge to text, email or facebook your 'Happy Birthday' greeting just out of pure spite UNTIL YOU WOULD BLEEPIN BLOG AGAIN!
Thank-you. For finally, taking the hint.
Happy Birthday, to my friend! I enjoyed my 33rd year of life, being your buddy.

PS- Why the bleep would you possibly need to start training for a race that is MONTHS away. Like in a totally different year!?
I am confused.

The Page Turner said...

Glad to hear you have been busy with some fun stuff. Training and reading!! You go. Looking forward to seeing you at the big celebration on Friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the party went great! Good job girls...I was missing the blog too. Gramma Poke

Doc said...

Happy birthday!! Smart to keep training all year.


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