Monday, December 20, 2010

Minute To Win It Pajama Christmas

First of all, if your family isn't celebrating Christmas in your pajamas I can say with certainty that you have no idea what you're missing. Eating sweets, dips, full meals, and carbs in various forms in elastic waisted pants and/or pajamas is the only way to go.

Jingle bells shorts and ugly Christmas sweater are optional.

Secondly, the greatest thing to happen to our family Christmas celebration - besides pajamas - is the passing of the game torch from our home to that of Drmmr and his bride. Having been responsible for this formidable task for consecutive years, it was with great joy that we successfully convinced (or forced, whatever) someone else to take on the job. Keeping true to their success at entertainment in game form showcased at their rehearsal dinner, Drmmr and The Bride delivered once again.

Now, I would like to preface the following set of pictures with this statement: I will likely never post this many unflattering pictures of myself ever again. I am much too vain to be secure enough to do it again any time soon. However, these pictures serve the purpose of demonstrating the level of fun we had last weekend (as well as a very clear reminder that simply possessing a treadmill does absolutely nothing in terms of carving my body into peak physical shape without actual use of said treadmill) so for the sake of memory preservation and your enjoyment I'll take one for the team. That being said, first person that mentions my double chin gets punched in the throat. You have been warned.

This year, in addition to our annual grab bag gift, we decided to do a second drawing of "recycled" gifts. The rules were simple: bring something from your home that you no longer want and in turn you will take home someone else's treasure. In other words: we traded crap for crap. Picking order for the recycled gifts were determined by a series of short games mirrored from the Minute to Win It game show. Having drawn numbers one and two in the previous drawing, Drmmr and I faced off in a game to see who could empty a kleenex box faster using only one hand. Had I been using better auditory processing skills when the instructions were read, I totally would have won. Inability to keep the kleenex box on the table proved to be my demise.

Game two pitted me against my loving, tender, compassionate husband. He also tends to be a little bit competitive.

Hooking candy canes is not my forte, and I faced defeat a second time. On to game three!

I'd like to publicly declare that if overall performance had been judged on this task, I would have been voted the hands down winner. The task required us to blow a greeting card to the end of the table getting it to stick with the front edge hanging over the side while the back of the card rested on the table. This is the about the time that I begin visibly sweating. This was also fail number three which led directly to the most ridiculous game I have ever participated in during my thirty-three years of living.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to knock down 16 ounce water bottles using only a pair of nylons and a tennis ball? It's exponentially more difficult when you can neither breathe nor see straight from laughing violently. End result? Fail.

Game five put me against Munchkin. Task: toss as many small marshmallows through a hoop and into a small bucket as possible in one minute. I landed 18, while Munchkin only sunk 11. Victory at last!

The next game put sibling versus sibling in a Christmas bag shuttle style relay.

Her low center of gravity did nothing to help her in this task, and Munchkin faced a consecutive defeat.

Next it was sister against sister. After placing Vaseline on the tip of their noses, AL and Munchkin were told to transfer as many cotton balls from one plate to another without using their hands in one minute's time.

Munchkin won by a (nose)hair. Ba-dum-ching!

Big Bad and AL faced off next. I have no pictures demonstrating their task, but they were required to sort candy pieces by color after overturning the cup they were hiding under. There was much discussion of the running style of both competitors at this point in the game. AL won which put Big Bad against me for the final challenge.

Luckily, I had years of training to prepare me for this final task. Using a classic technique perfected over many a Dairy Queen product, I utilized a very technical use of wrist rotation to build my whip cream tree higher than Big Bad's. After so many embarrassing showings in previous games, it felt good to get a second win under my belt.

Because there were a few extra games left, we played those out for fun. This picture illustrates the beginning of the final game of the night, and I will admit that I have full video of the entire event to share. However, I'm currently sitting at approximately four hours of upload time so you're going to have to check back later for that footage.

(Here it is - please excuse my frightening laughter throughout the video especially that awful cackle at the very beginning.)

As a result of this game, some participants experienced extreme highs at their recycled gift. The Magic Bullet was a big hit for one.

Other were slightly less overwhelmed with their take home gift.

But, truly, the real gift was in the memories that were made at yet another wonderful family gathering (especially since I walked away with the crock. Score!).


you can call me al said...

Awesome recap, Mrs.!
I think we'd better book Drmmr & the Bride for games next year . . .

Tina said...

1. Way to use those Dairy Queen skills. I am proud.

2. What do you mean that you have to USE your treadmill in order to look good? I might have to investigate that.

The Page Turner said...

Who makes up these games?

Tru Stories said...

I LOVE it! You guys know how to have some fun. And Munchkin is really the winner, for once again, putting together an amazing outfit.

The Bride said...

Page Turner - I was responsible for these flattering photos this year..

I've looked at the blog at least 100x since its been posted, just to see that outfit... hawt!

Anonymous said...

Too Much Fun! I want to do this but, I know for a fact, I would start giggling and probably wet my pants! Gramma Poke


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